Vlogtober Day 7: Gert and Daisy’s Cookbook, Bubble and Squeak and Dress with Pockets from Vinted!

Vlogtober continues! Today I had Bubble & Squeak (a variation on it actually) for lunch which hit the spot as I was FAMISHED!

I also did some more research into Gert & Daisy and the copyright on their little cookbook. Several people have asked me whether it would be possible to scan the book and create a PDF to share with people. I’d love to do it if I can find the time but have to be mindful of copyright. Now normally a book goes out of copyright in the UK, 70 years after the author has died. The last of the sisters to pass (their real names were Elsie and Doris Waters) did so in 1990. They also had an older sister and a brother.

Elsie and Doris lived together all their lives. They never married or had children so their only next of kin could possibly be children their sister or brother may have had. When they died, the copyright of the book would likely pass to the next of kin. I also looked for the publishers but Withy Grove Press dissolved as a company in 2016. I’ve looked on the Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg but there were no listings.

Therefore I surmise that the book is likely not in the Public Domain and still in copyright until 2063 ish! I will nevertheless see if I can at least share some of the recipes!

I think tomorrow I will look in their cook book and see if I can find a Christmas recipe to recreate so watch this space!

Have a wonderful weekend, C xxx

6 thoughts on “Vlogtober Day 7: Gert and Daisy’s Cookbook, Bubble and Squeak and Dress with Pockets from Vinted!

  1. Bubble and Squeak – yummy. Another one we had a lot as kids were tattie pancakes, or that’s what we called them, I now know it was based on latkas – my maternal grandmother was Lithuanian but not Jewish. Mum made them with raw grated potatoes, raw grated onions, an egg and self raising flour. Fried till crisp and golden on the outside and melting on the inside – double yummy !

  2. Thanks for checking out the (often) thorny issue of copyright, something often overlooked on-line, where the assumption is that everything is fair game’.

    Be interesting to see what recipes you can show us from the sisters in due course.

  3. Just a thought, but maybe the book isn’t on the Internet Archive or Project Gutenberg because nobody’s submitted it? I admit, I’ve never tried submitting anything to either organization (although I do use the Archive quite often and donate to them.)

    What I do notice, though, is that the book’s not for sale anywhere. That alarms me a little because it definitely seems like a work worth preserving, yet by 2063, will any copies even be intact?

    Is there a way to scan it and submit it to the Archive, and let them determine whether or not the copyright is valid? At least it would be preserved somewhere.

    Thank you as always for sharing your wonderful finds with us!

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