Bubble and Squeak – No 78


This is so very delicious…

My mouth watered during and after cooking this dish from yesteryear (after because I kept half by in the fridge and had to go back and scoop a large spoonful out to shove in my mouth before I exploded)

Bubble and Squeak was typically a dish used to use up leftovers. There is no right way to cook it except that it has to have mash potato in it (it holds together all the leftover veggies) and you fry it in a pan until it just starts to brown on the edges..

Cabbage seems to be a popular ingredient for bubble and squeak as does a little onion too and leftover meat such as diced sausages or bacon. (I’m a vegan so when making recipes like this I use a sausage or bacon alternative as part of my rations) The “squeak” gets it’s name from the squeaking sounds emitted as the mash and vegetables are pushed down with a spatula to brown in the hot frying pan.

Here is how I made mine. (PS- I have now returned to the fridge and am eating the remaining portion as I type)

Bubble and Squeak

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Left over boiled cabbage, carrots, parsnips, sausages or vegan alternative (chopped)
  • Mushrooms and onion (chopped)


  1. Put a large knob of margarine (dairy free margarine for vegans) in a frying pan and heat until it bubbles
  2. Drop in the onion and mushroom and saute for a few minutes
  3. Add the  leftover chopped veg and meat and mix for a minute or so
  4. Drop in the mashed potatoes and mix with veggie mixture already in pan
  5. Press down the mixture with a spatula to brown and heat through
  6. Turn over and keep heating through and until the edges brown

“This post is part of Twinkl’s VE Day Campaign, and is featured in their Best Wartime Recipes to Celebrate VE Day from Home post”

13 thoughts on “Bubble and Squeak – No 78

  1. Mmmmm i *love* bubble&squeak. we have a tradition of cold meat with bubble and squeak on boxing day. so much so i always convince my mum to cook.extra veggies on Christmas day to.ensure plenty of potential leftovers 😉
    Contracts on the latest loss and the book contract!! So.exciting! Xx

  2. Scrummy stuff indeed.
    Hope all is well? I found your blog only a few days ago, so not sure how often you update; KC and CO anyway 🙂

    • Hi Valerie

      I can update several times a week or sometimes its just a couple of times… it depends on how busy work and life are! xxxx

  3. *giggle* my great-gran used to make bubble and squeak every Monday for dinner – it was wash day and so it was a much needed easy and quick meal to make from leftovers from Sunday’s roast. She told me that it was called Bubble and squeak because that was the noise it made your bottom make! *giggle* . It was years before my mum corrected that idea, but it still makes me giggle when ever someone mentions bubble and squeak! 🙂

  4. Love bubble and squeak. My mom always turned it into patties – mix up the leftover mash, chopped veg, and meat – if using and then coat in breadcrumbs. Pan fry until crispy and warmed through. Mmm.

  5. Ooh I love your site, and after many times of coming back to your site and having a delve, I am making a little recipe book print-out to keep in the kitchen – containing your recipes!

    Whilst the fiancé is at work this evening, I made myself some bubble and squeak (though not out of leftovers!) with mashed potatoes with the skins left on, cabbage, spinach and an old onion. I made a white sauce to go over the top and a few crumbs of cheese! Devouring it as I type… it saved me from eating convenience food which I often do when there’s no-one else to cook for but me.

    You’re amazing, thank you for this site!

  6. Born in 43.. I actually enjoyed WWII foods. We ate a lot of those dishes right through high school (60’s). Mother made Brown Cookies (with chopped peanuts, Spry and whiskey. They made 7 pounds… and the four of us kids went through them super speed.
    Aside from her Dutch style bubble and squeak, there was Poor Man’s Cake. To die for. I have her receipts and still make them when I am missing her so.

  7. I LOVE your website!! I am a mostly vegan vegetarian, and your recipes have brought together two of my favorite things!! Cannot wait to get cooking!!

  8. You may have confused bubble and squeak with sausages and mash — sausages and mashed potatoes. You can make a vegan version of the sausage and mash with Tofurkey Kielbasa Polish-Style Meatless Sausage (or your favorite vegan sausage) and mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes. I use Yukon Gold Potatoes because they are buttery and you do not need as much vegan margarine and plant milk as you might Russets or other kinds of potatoes. Some cooks add chives or green onions to their mashed potatoes. If you cook extra potatoes, you can use them the next day with steamed cabbage or kale to make bubble and squeak or colcannon.

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