New Years Giveaway – Three 1940sExperiment Journals

URGENT: If you bought a copy of this notebook, I received a copy and noticed that there was a typo and I thought the cover could be improved. I’ve rectified the typo and uploaded the new cover and that should be LIVE with the new updates in 48 hrs. Please let me know if you bought a copy of the older one in the last few days, drop me a message ( ) with a screenshot of your purchase, and I will send you a new version for free when I purchase some authors copies. Thank you xxxx Sorry! C xxxxx

So I designed a little journal which is for sale on Amazon and thought it might be nice to give a few away on my blog as I know there are quite a few of us that are embracing the new year with a step back in time to follow a WW2 rationing diet.

I’m going to be using my copies every day to make notes and record my thoughts and feelings during the year and I know any old notebook will do BUT I love design and something a little special specifically for the task in hand so thought a little daily diary would be fun!

For me I’m going to be using it like a “Mass Observation Diary” like Nella Last herself.

Anyway, I digress. For the next week I’m going to be giving three of these journals away HERE on my blog and two on our Facebook group HERE (in a day or two as Julie Andres is currently giving away a fantastic vintage Stork Wartime Cookery Book!). These will be two separate draws so feel free to enter either or both!

All you have to do is leave a comment below saying YES or a comment on our Facebook group saying YES (or both for an extra chance!) On my birthday, January the 8th, I will put your names into an online spinning wheel and draw the winners at random LIVE!

Good luck! C xxxx

Oh here are the links to (thanks DJ!)

My Notebooks on Amazon UK

My Notebooks on Amazon US

PS: if you’ve never seen “Housewife, 49” based on Nella Lasts “Mass Observations Diaries” I’ve embedded it below!

52 thoughts on “New Years Giveaway – Three 1940sExperiment Journals

  1. Yes, please. Does the notebook listed on Amazon also contain the rationing info? If it does, you might want to add a ‘look inside’ or extra photo on the listing, so that people know. I think that would be a selling point . Or maybe or two versions; one completely blank and one with the information. Just a thought – Either way I think it looks lovely! Happy New Year and good luck.

    • Hi there, unfortunately, KDP changed their rules for notebooks and I believe there is no longer that option to look inside or low content listings which is a real shame. It is a notebook with 100 lined pages but does have two pages of info in it but essentially it is just a notebook. I will definitely be able to add that option in though when I publish the recipe books 🙂 C xxxx

  2. Yes, I would love to have this. I hope to win one as my finances going into 2023 are really sad. We’ve had to support my step daughter in an apartment for two months.

  3. Yes please ! I love a ‘dedicated’ notebook for things!

    I love Housewife, 49….. I have it on DVD and know it word for word !

    I entered a Mass Observation Diary in May of 2020 during the pandemic (they have one day a year where anyone can submit a ‘day diary’).

    Mel x

  4. I have been following your site for sometime now. It always gives your reader interesting insights into how our parents and grandparents lived during this turbulent time in history. More people need the “mend and make do” attitude.

  5. Yes, please! I love your blog. I’ve learned so much, and often reflect on the grit of the WW2 generation during the Pandemic.

  6. Yes. What a lovely book, it will make keeping to the rations a lot easier. Happy birthday on the 8th, my birthday is on the 11th. Good luck with everything.

  7. What a generous offer.
    Yes Please, Carolyn.

    I do like the Wood’s Beryl Ware cup and saucer. We used a lot of the set in the mint green in the 50’s. I think my sister has some still. There were available in Jasmine and Iris too, and were found in every Village Hall.

    Household tableware came under the Wartime Concentration Scheme, limiting what could be produced by which companies in The Potteries.
    No added decoration was allowed, just a single colour, mass produced and using the least amount of materials. Wood and Sons got away with the ribbed bands and the comfortable “flourishing” handles. They look very Art Deco.

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    And here are the winners of the notebooks/journals! One copy of the journal will be sent to each winner so please drop a comment below and I’ll make contact with you, congratulations and thank you for entering everyone! C xxxx

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