My WW2 Recipe Book Volume 1 is in the works!

Yes, FINALLY, it’s in the works! Four books/volumes will be published this year via Kindle Direct Publishing at Amazon in the UK, USA and Europe. I will also sell my Authors copies via this blog if there are people who prefer to not buy through Amazon…but I’m jumping the gun a bit (because I’m excited!).

Well, so far I’ve designed the covers of my first two recipe books AND created all the book layouts inside too! (now to add in the photos, text and graphics).Yes it’s happening! I knew I’d get stuff done during the Christmas break by switching off from everything else.

Have a goal of 50 recipes from my blog in each of the 4 volumes/recipe books. They will be working recipe books so space for notes and jottings. I’ve meant to do this for years. You never find time unless you MAKE time so yes I’ve been spending most of Christmas working long hours and looking like sh*t!!! Haha! Am so excited though!! It will be a dream come true when I get this first one finished!

C xxxxx

PS: I anticipate the first paperback book will be completed and ready to order by end of SPRING. It will be available via Amazon and on my Authors page at and here of course.


11 thoughts on “My WW2 Recipe Book Volume 1 is in the works!

      • You are most welcome! I have posted some 1930s recipes on my blog I found in my 1930s magazines, and also the Nut Pudding recipe which I made from the 1940 cookbook. I’m a vegetarian with lactose and gluten intolerances, but I find there are enough vintage recipes to adapt. they tend to be the ones with potatoes, cheese, nuts, eggs and vegetables!

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  1. Wow! I’ve been reading your blog for what has to be at least a decade. To have a physical copy of something you’ve put your all into must feel amazing! I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy! Congratulations 🥳❤️

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    • Thanks so much Scott! I hope to get the first book completed and available on Amazon by the end of January, its great fun but time consuming! Thank yo for reading my blog for so long, wow! Happy New Year! xxxx C


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