Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 16 Pickles and Chutney

It’s nearly Christmas! I am so behind with everything and all my Christmas cards will finally be in the post box tomorrow morning at 8:30 am to make the 9 am pick-up. I haven’t made a Christmas cake either. I’d be the only one eating it anyway so despite all my grand plans in November, none have come to fruition as I am exhausted physically and mentally and literally cannot wait to start my long Christmas break on the 22nd!

The one room I have, that is tidy and cosy and ready for Christmas is the sitting room, the rest I will work on during the evenings this week. I like to give the house a tidy and clean through before Christmas as it gives me a sense of peace!

Here is the leaflet to download! Click here

C xxxx

PS: I shall enjoy using my wind up gramophone over Christmas and the potted plant I was given Friday night by my friend Kaytie. We used to work together and 4 or 5 months ago we started meeting up once a month or so for a chit chat over some wine which I absolutely love.

3 thoughts on “Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 16 Pickles and Chutney

  1. I have been enjoying reading the leaflets here in snowy Wisconsin and I had a question about all the preserves that were made during rationing time. I’ve read that the government would issue extra sugar so the WI could make jam. I was wondering how this jam got distributed then. Did it all have to be turned in to some government department that distributed it through the rationing system?

    Also, I have read (and re-read) the Nella Last books that were published from her Mass Observation letters. Are there other interesting publications you can suggest I might like to read?

    Thank you 😊 Denise Woods Highfield Farm Creamery Walworth, Wisconsin


  2. Hi Carolyn. I saw one of your posts and you were trying out a pot that was like a hatbox method of cooking. You used the inner pot to bring stew to boil then put it inside an insulated container. I was just wondering if it worked well and if you know where I could buy one. I live in Australia . Thankyou for your time . Ann

  3. Hello, Carolyn –I enjoy receiving your emails. The photo of your cozy spot is lovely. I was interested to read the brochure’s note for the pickled walnuts stating that their method preserved more Vitamin C than other methods. This caused me to wonder if Vitamin C tablets were available to the public at that time.

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