Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 10 Your Children’s Food in Wartime

Good morning! It’s snowing here!!! Finally a little light sprinkling of the white stuff! I like the smell of winter and it is good to see snow again. We are lucky to see a handful of days of snow in a whole year here in the South West of England. I miss the stunning beauty of being cut off from everyone by thick, deep snow during the winters in rural Nova Scotia. Waking up to a foot or two of snow and being completely surrounded by nature was an amazing experience made even more real after I would put on my boots, walk outside and see the animal tracks left by birds, racoons, coyotes, white-tailed deer and bear. I even saw a bob-cat once! It sometimes took us a day or two to get ploughed out so we could reach the main road (which was 1/4 of a mile down our track). I don’t miss driving on the roads during winter though!

Nova Scotia, Canada, 2010Blog post here

I’m publishing a video and the original leaflet to download on my blog every day leading up to Christmas. These are the original pages from the Ministry of Food No.10 Your Children’s Food in Wartime leaflet circa 1944 during WW2.

Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 10: DOWNLOAD HERE

Much love, C xxxx


2 thoughts on “Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 10 Your Children’s Food in Wartime

  1. Carolyn, for me these pamphlets are not only interesting, but also a great reminder of what people went through during the WWII years (in the US, too), and the sad fact that deprivation is happening everywhere today, too. If I could just wave a magic wand…


  2. So glad that you had some snow!
    We had a few days of snow on-snow off here near Seattle, and it was wonderful! (I grew up in a place that has snow, so understand your longing!)
    Hope that you can enjoy it thoroughly (but that folks stay safe, too).
    Thank you again for the pamphlets!


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