A fantastic interview with Marguerite Patten about rationing during WW2

I was watching videos about WW2 rationing on YouTube (as I often do) and came across this DELIGHTFUL and very interesting interview with Marguerite Patten that I just had to share in case you hadn’t seen it.

Much love, C xxxx

8 thoughts on “A fantastic interview with Marguerite Patten about rationing during WW2

  1. My most favourite cook of all time as I absolutely adore anything to do with world war 2, I have all her wartime cookbooks and often make her recipes, there’ll never be another like her! Xx

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  2. Oh how wonderful! I loved marguerite Patten and my go to cook book is one of hers. It has everything in it and not so many pretty pictures. Great interview but oh dear, pease pudding. Not on my radar ha ha ha. And yes we had cod liver oil every day and a malty extract called Vyrol. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. I have quite a collection of Marguerite Patten’s cook books now, she is one of my favourites. A good mix of pamphlets, soft backs and hard backs on a variety of topics.

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