Coping with anxiety through nature and art.

We all try and cope with anxiety in different ways. Mine is eating lots of potatoes, and more recently, finding my love of nature once again.

I don’t have much free time, I grab a free hour in the evening before I go to sleep or at weekends, after all my chores are done, after I’ve visited Mum and Dad and completed all the other things that need doing, a few hours on a Sunday is treasured.

For most of us it is increasingly difficult to not be aware of the negative and worrying news we hear, read or see, each and every day. We may feel strong, like we are coping, but often, our anxieties slowly and sneakily creep up on us and can manifest themselves in many different ways.

In recent months I’ve turned to trying my hand at nature art and studying the beauty of the nature that surrounds us. I’m also starting to create short nature studies using video for relaxation and to also take my thoughts away to observing, creating and feeling wonderment at life’s beauty, not just negativity.

I’m sitting here typing this, drinking a cup of lukewarm tea and about to have a scrub and jump into bed having spent an hour or two working on some more nature art and creating a short video. It is all very therapeutic.

I’d love to hear how you are coping with your anxiety.

Much love, Carolyn xxxx


23 thoughts on “Coping with anxiety through nature and art.

    • That really is a very kind thing to say Holly, as I just said to Outlander, a LOT goes wrong before it goes right so its a struggle trying to complete things so pleased I actually did xxxx


    • That is really lovely of you to say that. I’m try hard to not keep giving up after I start things, it’s quite a struggle as being so new to this things seem to go very wrong before they start to go right. Trying to be brave and keep pushing forward, thanks xxxx


      • You ARE brave, and I agree with Outlander. You need to find a gallery. So keep working, keep finishing. I love seeing all the animals. There are not enough people drawing wildlife these days, sigh!


  1. Your rabbit sketch is amazing. Brilliant work. To cope I try to not watch the news. I have been reading my news for the past few years so I chose how much I want to know on a subject or if I want to read about it at all. I also have been reading (joined a book group) and still knit. Those two activities seem to relax me.


  2. How lovely to see your smiling face once again Carolyn! I hadn’t checked your blog for a while since you were MIA and I’ve had a ghastly year and haven’t been able to concentrate on anything. I received a care package in the mail a few days ago; it’s too easy to forget the simple things that can make a difference. Pillow spray, relaxing herbal tea, a wheat bag, a box of make your own s’mores, and an absolutely beautiful little book that I’d never heard of ” The boy, the mole, the Fox and the horse. ” i recommend it to everyone!
    And since I’m going to start looking after myself again, I bought some new skincare.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more posts from you, (no pressure lol), and your hare is stunning.
    Take good care of yourself x

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  3. Carolyn I am simply in awe of this talent you have found, absolutely love it, looking forward to seeing more, and knowing it brings relaxation is a bonus for you. ann lee s

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  4. Aside from the magical hare sketch, what else have you produced ?

    Re the book “the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse”.
    The mole asks the boy, “What do you want to be when you grow up ? ”
    The boy answers “Kind.”
    And that just about sums it up.

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    • What a great thing to be, kind xxxxxxx I’ve just completed my first barn owl, I have lots of unfinished sketches and paintings, I’m trying very hard to persevere and finish things, get half way through and it either gets too hard or I just think it looks rubbish and my flaw is I give up. Trying to be braver as now I’ve got the bit between my teeth I want to carry on and not leave it 40 years again! (I’ll be dead by then) xxxx


  5. Hi Carolyn

    You don’t have to fill a canvas to have finished it, you see it all depends on your definition of “finished”, doesn’t it ? Maybe the reason you feel a project isn’t finished is because you instinctively feel that less is more ! There are many examples of ‘art’ that have an ‘unfinished look’, more a study than pure art. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Have a market stall or see if a local cafe, pub or interior design shop that will display your work for a percentage of the sale price, that way you can gauge your market niche. Go on, be brave !

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  6. Pandemic stress and exhaustion have merited me a health condition. The only news I watch is European, and I skim through it. To improve my health I have begun walking; up to 28 minutes now: going for Daily 30 M-F. To improve my brain function, I am teaching myself Magic Loop Two at a Time Top Down socks. Daily prayer helps remind me that the Good Guys win in the end. Doing something for our local community helps. It is great to read your posts again. I am going to make up menu plans using your wartime recipes. You are my Person.


    • Well done you! I agree, we have to do positive things, mentally and physically and emotionally especially during these times to stop getting sucked down that dark hole. Take care and well done xxxx C


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