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Hi there,

Just a quick update before I do some more digging in the garden. The 1940’s Experiment has several social media pages you may be interested in and find useful during these challenging times, especially my Pinterest page where you can find over 100 WW2 Ministry of Food leaflets, Cookbook snippets, and Propaganda posters!

I’ll leave the links with you below in case they may be of use to you!

Stay calm, stay safe, stay home,

C xxxx


7 thoughts on “The 1940s Experiment Social Pages

  1. Carolyn,

    Recently made a Woolton Pie (though I did add in a little hamburger) for the parents. Think it was their first taste of it. Dad seemed to like it, Mom preferred her home-made chicken noodle soup. Also make some of those “oat biscuits” from the recipe you’d recently shared. Guess I didn’t measure them out equally, got 25. They were good and are gone.

    Thanks again.

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I made the lentil Shepherd’s Pie recipe you posted and it was rated 10/10 by a family member who is not that keen on healthy food. Thank you!


  3. Discovered today that I can no longer view IG posts without logging in to IG: is this going to be permanent, d’you think?
    I don’t have an IG a/c and have not felt the need to open one; yours is one of just half a dozen accounts I look at.
    Would be disappointed if logging-in was required.
    Best wishes and good health!

    • Disregard my comment above – something’s changed, and I am now able to view IG without logging in, huzza!
      Best wishes, good health 🙂

  4. Meant to post on the last “digest” that I share your affinity with labeling things. And, yes, the labels all have to match, AND be arranged in alphabetical order! I also have to have all the light switches in the same direction.

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