Free resources and articles in the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Thank you to the following writers who have recently linked to my 182 recreated wartime recipes page. I really appreciate you making people aware that there are simple and frugal foods out there that store well and can keep everyone fed and healthy during these uncertain times. I’ll shortly be putting together a blog post to hopefully help people make the most of what they have stored in their food cupboards and how the unwanted simple store cupboard foods of yesteryear are once again coming into their own as a necessary staple.

If you come across any useful resources or indeed if you have a useful article that you have written you would like me to share (non-political), then please let me know and I will list it.

Now is not only a time for practicality but also tolerance, kindness and sharing.

Thank you.

C xxxx

Free Resources for Home-Based Living, in the Time of CoronaVirus: Thank you to Milkwood for their article on free resources for home-based living. This article contains a wealth of information on healthy DIY food and medicine making, gardening and growing, wild food and foraging, at home education, mutual aid and community care. Click here!

11 ways to survive a pandemic in the 21st century: Thank you to Domesblissity for linking to my ‘Mock Apricot Flan’ recipe. This was a recipe I also recreated for Waitrose for an article in their magazine (I’ll dig the clipping out one day!). I think you’ll enjoy this article as it’s along the wartime ethos of mending and making do. Note there are suggestions for things that can be used instead of toilet roll! Click here!

28 Surprisingly Tasty Great Depression Recipes you Should Try: Thank you to Morning Chores for including one of my recreated wartime recipes in their list. Please take a moment to look at this list of recipes for some frugal food ideas. Click here!

10 Thrifty Wartime Dishes: Thank you to the Readers Digest for linking to my recreated Lord Woolton Pie! Click here!

In this scary time in modern life, how can we survive food-wise?: Thank you to Ratnamurti and her blog in New Zealand. I’ve linked to her latest post which talks about recession, emergency food measures for the impoverished and her family. Click here!

Food for the self-isolating: Togs Guide to the Pandemic Pantry: In these strange times, food seems more important than ever. Panic buying has reminded us how we need food to live. Also how dependent we are on our shops. It might seem obvious, but it doesn’t normally cross our minds. Click here!



Prepper Princess – Love this gal! She lives in the USA, an independent strong woman with lots of self-sufficiency skills working towards financial independence. Click here!

Homestead Tessie – She loves being as frugal and self-sufficient as possible with what she’s got and she loves creating daily videos! Click here!

Compost and Custard – I’ve known Naomi online for over 20 years. She has a passion for self-sufficiency and home schooling, nature, permaculture and wildlife. Click here!

Riverford Organic Farmers – loads of online recipes as well as supplying organic fresh veg via box. Click here!

15 thoughts on “Free resources and articles in the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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  2. Carolyn,
    I am giving you a big, long distance hug! I just re-read your 3 month Food Storage article again last night- 6th time. Who would have known a year ago when you wrote it, that the world would be in the middle of a deadly pandemic now? I have always had a year of food storage, but after reading your article, decided to store healthy 1940s foods. I stocked up on dried lentils, dried beans, dried fruits and made a personal commitment to grow an extra 100 pounds EACH of potatoes, carrots, root vegetables and winter squash to store last summer. Thanks to you, I am able to stay home and eat as normal. Security and peace of mind! Can you hear me as I say, “Thank you Carolyn” everyday? I have printed all of your recipes to have on hand in case of long term power/internet outage. Be safe! Thank you for all you do to make us aware of how to be more prepared, self sufficient and healthy.

    • That is lovely for you to post that, you really are TOO kind. I’m inspired by YOU after just reading about the veggies you are growing AND a years supply of food! I bought a windowsill seed tray last week and will be sowing some red pepper seeds and soon Kale and potatoes and herbs and maybe some courgette (zuchini) but that will be it. Not much but better than last year. Thanks for leaving a comment and I do hope that everything will be OK with you and yours and your country xxxxx C

  3. Hi Carolyn, thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it. All the way from Cape Town, South Africa! I love the recipes – I am a vegan and will leave out things like milk, eggs etc. when I need to do so.

    Keep healthy.

    • Everything is doable for vegans and veggies, I use lentils instead of minced beef 🙂 Thanks for leaving your comment and best wishes to you and everyone in Cape Town, South Africa. Stay safe xxxx C

  4. Hi Caorlyn, I am interested in all things World War II and have been since I was a girl (I am 53 now!), I have re-enacted with a 1940’s club for the las 21 years also. I often have a ‘ration book week’ – it is a healthy way to eat and extremely budget friendly. I said to my grown up sons that ‘rationing’ will come back in (ie supermarkets rationing the amount of any one particular item). I hope what the world is currently experiencing will make people think more about growing their own veg and more importantly about all communities/age groups pulling together to support one another just like they did during the war(s). I thoroughly love your blogs and all of the WWII info that you have provided. Hope you and yours stay safe, Mel x

    • You stay safe too Mel and thanks for such a great comment….I love seeing reenactors at events, it’s like Living History…it’s wonderful! xxxx I think it’s great that the bigger supermarkets are now rationing items to a maximum of three of the same type of item. We have to make sure that everybody can get supplies when they need them especially when the emphasis at the moment is staying in unless absolutely necessary. I’m being totally inspired by groups on Facebook right now that grow their own veg and have allotments xxxx

  5. I am so happy people are continuing to enjoy your recipes from way-back-when! I was only thinking yesterday that I was coming due to do another post on this!! Great minds DO think alike, eh?!! 🙂

  6. Thanks Carolyn for this I’ve already dug out my “We’ll Eat Again”and “Dig for Victory” books plus my Grannies old recipe book. I’d already started with rationing portions to make the food go further and last longer. Dawn x

    • Thank you and wishing you to be safe in New Zealand… I’ll add your blog post to mine too as another resource for people, enjoyed reading it and thank you for linking xxx C

  7. Hi Carolyn! Looking up recipes from 1940s (thinking we could learn alot from 1940s in these times) but pleasantly surprised by the welsh recipes…we are ex Pat’s (from south Wales) living in Ontario Canada…love these!! Thank you x

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