Mock Banana – Recipe No. 148

Just thought I’d reblog a video recipe I did a couple of years ago for ‘Mock Banana’.

Mock Banana really was a much used ration book recipe using parsnips and banana essence….it wasn’t as bad as it sounds!

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7 thoughts on “Mock Banana – Recipe No. 148

  1. When I hear about England and bananas, I always remember the very pleasant library clerk in Stillwater, Oklahoma. She was a child during WWII and said that the bananas were rare even after the war during the extended food rationing. About 1950, a ship came in with a load of bananas and she said they all ran down to the pier celebrating.

    Lovely video. I found you from a link on the FB page Save Money on Groceries (Living on a Dime).

  2. My nan was a child during the war and had never tasted a banana.

    Shortly after the war ended, each child in her school was given a banana to take home to try. She was so excited that she ran home, tripping on a cobblestone, badly scraping her knees and squishing her banana. She said that she had never cried so much in her life, not through the pain, but because she was grieving for her banana!

    Luckily her big brother scooped her up, carried her home and shared his banana with her. She wasn’t keen on it in the end.

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