72 Wartime Rationing/Home-front Videos to Watch!

I’ve just come across an excellent playlist on YouTube which includes 72 Wartime Rationing/Home-front/Make do and Mend videos including some more recent videos on the subject of the home-front during WW2.

A wonderful collection of social history snippets!

I had to share with you!


C xxxx

9 thoughts on “72 Wartime Rationing/Home-front Videos to Watch!

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for this link and all the programs in it. I was raised by my nan and granddad and did not realise that a lot of the things I do as a result of their teaching were based on frugality. I’ve found it really inspirational and just what I needed to set me up for a year of making every penny count.

  2. I watched the videos with interest, and some amusement. Love the way the British sense of humour comes through ( with perhaps a little prompting of the children to smile and look like they’re have loads of fun as they all pitched in for the cause)! I don’t doubt that the bulk bread makers were former concrete mixers and brick layers, it’s hard work! Loved the re-purposing of clothing and materials and how the sense of team work,creativity and resourcefulness
    brings out the best in people. Thanks Carolyn!

  3. Awesome my friend! I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. I will save these videos for a night I can savor them. Congrats on the budgeting and debt pay off as well! LOVE these frugal recipes! Just made cheesy beans from the Victory Cookbook last night :0)

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