Ration Book Recipes – Book 1

It’s finally coming together and on March 1st I aim to have my first high quality full colour ‘Ration Book Recipes’ booklets for sale on my blog.

I’m doing every single bit of it myself which to be honest has been a bit of a dream of mine and there will be a series of them and all very affordable at £5 each. I hope they will compliment the blog and help to pay for it’s upkeep, fund some new equipment for photography or something or some vintage props.

Thought you’d like a sneak peak. I’d really like to use a strap line somewhere that says something like ‘Every meal for under £1’ but I will have to fully price up every recipe from scratch before I can use that!

Anyway – just thought I’d let you guys know and I’ll keep you updated!

Thanks 🙂

C xxxx

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23 thoughts on “Ration Book Recipes – Book 1

  1. Not certain on the strapline being ‘Every meal for under £1’ as you will have to put a proviso, about it being 2018 prices. Maybe something along the lines of ‘For Frugal Living’ or some such.
    Maybe also direct this to University Students, who have to live on tight budgets.
    Great Idea, and will definitely be interested.

  2. Looks good and will definitely be wanted. I have already put a few of my internet friends from Australia and Canada onto you and they are very interested in your rationing concept for health, weight and financial savings so this will surely interest them as well.

  3. Oh my word I’m excited, this kind of thing thrills me, I’m always in and out of charity shops
    Looking for old wartime recipes, I’m a bit obsessed lol, I’ve been living on a lot of your recipes as well as other wartime recipe book favourites since August 2017 and have now lost 16 pounds in weight and managed to keep it all off, feels amazing thanks to your website starting me off Carolyn. Soo glad your doing these pamphlets and eagerly await the first one ☺️✌🏻️ Xxx

  4. Thank you for all the encouragement. The plan is that these full colour high quality booklets will contain between 20-25 recipes, all colour photos, imperial and metric and I will list alternative ingredients that can be used to veganise recipes. Each recipe will also show how much the cost of each recipe would be to make. Essentially the booklets will be nice keepsakes that I will be using to fundraise for the blog to pay for my expenses and provide extra goodies/giveaways and hopefully provide a few quid to go in my savings! They will be priced at £5 per booklet and I hope to have a different booklet come out every three months.

    I’m researching the points system via newspaper archives at the moment so hope that more information on this can be shared and included in the recipe books as the year progresses.

    Thanks again for all the interest! I have a week off work in February which will allow me time to get the first booklet finished and out to the printers!

    I will set up a page with a Pay-Pal link for people to order end of February.

    Thanks 🙂 xxxx

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