Moving: We are in!

We finally made it up North to South Yorkshire! Very happy but really shattered!

There are lots of boxes to unpack, beds to be assembled, decorating to be thought out, curtain poles & curtains to be purchased, handles to mend and not least a few more car loads of belongings from our old house in Nottingham to bring up (and a few days scrubbing our old home before we hand it back). BUT the main thing is we are IN!

Already, despite the worry now of being broke with all the expense of moving and paying double rent for a while, I can feel the fog lifting and feel much happier.

I’m sitting here at a desk in my bedroom, typing this, over looking some allotments and hills and appreciating how I can see some grass and trees and that there is a public footpath up that hill and for miles and miles through fields of wheat and this is making me smile.

Today I’ve baked a granary loaf with my new secondhand bread making machine I purchased the other day from someone on my street, unpacked several more boxes and given myself a computer desk with a view. Am so excited about finally having my own private desk with a view and intend to spend a lot of time here!

Well the lawn beckons! I’m not sure whether I’ll have time to create a victory garden this year but I do have some string beans in (from a friend at work) so at least it’s a start!



7 thoughts on “Moving: We are in!

  1. Evacuated to Yorkshire, eh? Well don’t forget to take your name & address luggage tags off before you settle in. I wish you the very best of luck and happiness in your new home. May the great bird of happiness always glaze your pastry crusts. 😉

  2. Nice view from your desk. Looks so peaceful. Today, I officially lost 20 pounds in almost 5 years since I retired. Sounds slow, but I’m determined to make it permanent with 29 to go. If only I had your energy. ‘;D ☮

  3. am so pleased to find your blog , I have always had a big interest in the home front economics and rationing . Like you I need to lose weight I struggle to do any sort of excersie because of problems with my legs .
    I knit and see , especially making tchwork quilts .
    Looking forward to reading your blog .

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