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Christmas is literally around the corner and from now until the big day, once a week, I will be posting a 1940’s Christmas Wartime Recipe or Do-It-Yourself 40’s Christmas Craft.

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This weekend will be part 1 of a ration book Christmas cake from a wartime ‘Ministry of Food’ recipe pamphlet.(photo above is one I did several years ago!)

And it’s never too early to start thinking about recycling old Christmas cards, newspapers and magazines for pretty tree decorations and paper chains!

Above all, I don’t know about you, but there is something very comforting about a Christmas where we have made things ourselves, sometimes out of very little AND saved money.

If anyone has any festive home front ideas or recipes you’d like me to recreate why not drop me a line!

Love C xxxx

PS: A little video just to get you in the Christmas mood!

10 thoughts on “Subscribe to the 1940’s Christmas Countdown!

  1. Oh that video was lovely, just enough to start you thinking of Christmas, I’m excited about wartime Christmas crafts and foods!! Xx

  2. What a lovely little video! I’m fascinated to see the interest people today have with that era – I recognise the paper chains and decorations, the style of Christmas cards and wrapping-paper, the cutlery and crockery and the clock, from the things I grew up with in the ’50s. Folks didn’t renew and redecorate often, so ’30s and ’40s things were still in use then. Thanks, Carolyn, and best wishes xx

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