Quick update…dresser, heel and heart.

I’ve not really got a whole lot of news to share. My weight is currently fluctuating between 247 – 254 lbs and if I’m honest I’ve had some days where I’ve eaten junk and not been in control as much as I’d like. I guess they key thing is that I don’t feel OUT OF CONTROL so perseverance will pay off eventually.

I have a few ongoing niggles with my left heel and with only 7 weeks until the Marathon and not having trained for two weeks because of this I’m really not feeling very positive about this at all. The one good bit of news is that FINALLY I got the results from my echocardiogram that I had done 4 months ago (there was a mix up which led to a delay) and there was no permanent dilation of the ventricles so nothing to worry about my enlarged heart. BUT (and there always seems to be a but) the echo did reveal a heart defect I have been living with since birth for 50 years which could explain why my oxygen levels plummeted so rapidly at altitude (when I contracted double pneumonia in the USA last January) as the hole I have in my heart was possibly forced open more under pressure.

To be honest I’m not too worried about it. I am being referred to a cardiologist but figure if I’ve lived with it for 50 years that says it all. The dizzy spells I was getting last year haven’t come back since I lost weight and yes I still suffer with tiredness at times but again, I guess that’s a side effect of age and lugging a lot of extra weight about.

The unexpected findings certainly won’t stop me walking and training and working hard to keep on losing weight…

I just wanted to say thank you once again for being so supportive. Am just getting on with life and just taking this year to continue working on my health and mental well being.

PS: I bought a dresser top and an old chest of drawers off Gumtree and finally I have put them together to make a dresser and am beginning to paint it all up using an Annie Sloan chalk paint. I’m going to paint the backboard a cream colour I think and once painted will distress the edges. I think all my vintage tea cups will look great on it!

C xxxxxxxx


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  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I have been reading your blog for a while now and absolutely love it, I have a bit of an obsession with the wartime era, lots of books and DVDs, I would be in total heaven if I could go back in time haha, I have recently started my own wartime diet as I too have the marguerite patten books and am loving it! Anyway I’m rambling so just wanted to say I look forward to reading more and thanks for your fantastic site xx

      • I’ve just made carrot cookies today and they are lovely, even better none of my family want to try them so they’re all for me! Yum ☺️ Don’t know if you’ve seen the wartime book called “food facts for the kitchen front ” but there’s a recipe in for leek pudding made with suet pastry, it is amazing! Very simple but very delicious, here’s to wartime economy πŸ‘πŸ» xx

  2. Dear Carolyn,
    life is never level but filled with ups ;and downs. You are doing the important thing by just persevering in whatever you can do to not go backwards to any great length. I share the same woes as you, minus the cardiac, but now it appear platelets may come into being. Our summer has been riotous to say the least, and I am eagerly awaiting Autumn so that I can get back to my wartime recipes and books, all thanks to your lead. I follow you avidly; please know that I am on the sidelines and in the background madly cheering you on!

  3. Good to read you are able to hold your weight to a 5-pound margin. The hole in your heart will probably get worse with age or at least that is what they told my dad about his dodgy valve. I found a new website for tracking my nutrition that might be of interest to you. Link: https://cronometer.com/?logout=true&#. It is really helping me to see what I am eating and what I need to tweak to get everything I need each day. And the best part is, most of it is FREE. :>)

    Keep the light training going. May not get to walk this one but there is always the next one. See if you could volunteer at one of the water station or something. Just being involved, should keep you inspired. Of course, you could walk as far as you can, comfortably. Then have someone pick you up and take you to the finish line.

    I really like what you are doing with that chest and hutch. Your tea cups will look divine displayed in the hutch.

  4. I am thrilled you are where you are in your journey. I’ve slowed stuck over the last few weeks but will get there. Your dresser will look fab pnce done. Keep up the good work.

  5. THANK YOU ALL very much for leaving comments which I’ve enjoyed reading a few times. Honestly, it really does help me stay positive and don’t know sometimes how I’d keep motivated without them so I really do mean it when I say I appreciate them. It also seems so many people are on their own personal journey and just love to read what you are doing too.

    Just came back from walking 6 miles at the absolutely beautiful Wollaton Hall and Deer Park just 3 miles from my house here in Nottingham UK. The open spaces, trees, rolling hills and of course the deer and wildlife and the fresh breezes and sunshine just leave me with a huge sense of well being and my eldest daughter and I put the world to rights during these walking times together.

    The older I get the more I appreciate these moments, the beauty in our surroundings and the time when I can get outside and enjoy them. If there was anything I could wish for right now would be more time to do these things.

    Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.

    Just had my lunch and off to pick up some groceries. Then it’s time to tidy my bedroom and then make dinner (1940s cookbook time!) and after that will be putting a few more hours into a website I am creating in my spare time for a small business. The little bit of extra money this will earn me I am putting to funding our trip to York to take part in the Yorkshire Marathon on October 9th.

    Lots of love and hugs to all

    C xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Did your dr tell you that your heart issue from birth is relatively common in women? It goes undetected unless other issues, like illness or as you admit, weight, cause it to be a problem. My daughter and I both have it.

    • My GP called again today to talk more about a letter back from the cardiologist following the echo results and put my mind at rest that unless I started to have symptoms that were out of the normal I really don’t have anything to worry about. Like you said its a fairly common birth defect which really have known nothing about and really only perhaps becomes known or obvious when very unwell. Totally put my mind at rest…. its now making me more determined to keep on with the weight loss and get under that 200 lbs mark. The only possible side affect of this condition is a higher chance of stroke with the unfiltered blood (which hasn’t been filtered by the lungs) from the right atrium passing into the left atrium and straight into the brain. Just keeping with a good diet and exercise will lessen the chances so will keep on doing what I’m doing πŸ™‚ xxxxx

  7. I’m glad you heart news is generally good. And that you’re being gentle with yourself when facing a pause in your journey.
    I hope your heel feels better. Thanks for being so open and genuine. I enjoy reading your posts; Ihave found motivation and humour in them!

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