Another weigh-in – Started some very basic morning exercise – VIDEO

So I’ve bought a couple of new exercise items from Tesco’s which cost me just £10 in total. They were a bit of an impulse buy but I figured I’ll just make some cuts in other areas over the coming week or two and I do so want to get started with some gentle toning. I can’t afford to go back to the gym right now but hope to do so in the near future once I’ve worked out my budget again and put a few things in order.

We had plans to go to the carboot this morning but when I woke up early and everyone was fast asleep and I looked at the beautiful day I thought it would be nice to just do a couple laps of the park, nice gentle exercise to ease me back into things and plus the fact I’d spend no more money! So that’s my plan for later this morning…. a walk in the sun!

Getting back to toning…. the items I bought from Tesco’s were a resistance band for £3 and a kind of balance disc thingy which cost me £7. As I have no muscle tone whatsoever I thought these may help me start the ball rolling and I managed to do about 20 reps with the band and 5 minutes on the disc in total.

Later today, because it’s the end of National Pie week here in the UK, what better way to celebrate than cooking a nice big ‘Lord Woolton Pie’. I’ll share the photos later.

Have a great Sunday!

C xxx






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  1. You go, Girl! You are so brave to allow people to watch you exercise and you do it with humor! Love your blog!

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