Giant floating poppies at St. Nicholas Church in High Bradfield.


Giant floating poppies were beamed on to historic St Nicholas Church in High Bradfield on November 1st, 2015 and continued to be illuminated onto the church every evening until and including Remembrance Sunday, as part of a charity project to boost Help for Heroes, the Royal British Legion and the church.

We braved the rain and wind to find our way to the church on the evening of Remembrance Sunday. There were lots of visitors arriving by car and parking in the dark country lanes and walking down the steep cobbled street to the church to pay their respects.

It was dark, and windy and quiet, peaceful almost except for the whistling of the winds coming off the fields.

The giant poppies projected onto the side of the church really made you stop, stand and think….

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2 thoughts on “Giant floating poppies at St. Nicholas Church in High Bradfield.

  1. Hi Carolyn, My thoughts during this Remembrance Sunday. I don’t apologise for it being slightly political.

    Well, another year has passed, and as always at this time we turn to think of those people who gave their lives unselfishly, so that we may live in a free world. We can say what we want, when we want to.
    My thoughts this year lead me to think about my childhood, and early adulthood. I always observed the 2 minutes silence in a somewhat abstract way. I knew that these veterans where remembering first hand their fallen comrades. I, on the other hand, could have no true feeling of their loss.

    How sad it is that, as a generation, we have failed in that our children, again know this loss first hand. My daughter has lost two very good friends in Ste and Tom. I think of how their loss affects their families, their loss to society, the lost loves, and challenges they would have faced during their lives. My thoughts travel to her and their families.

    I hope and pray, that their generation can find the wisdom, we have lost, to stop the terrible loss for their children.

  2. Awesome sight Carolyn, in the true sense of the word.
    Thank you so much for travelling in the rain and wind to share these photos.

    I would love to see something similar done here, something that would catch the attention of everyone, especially children.
    Poppy boxes in banks and stores, and the occasional sight of someone from the Legion selling them outside the shops, just isn’t enough to inspire questions from this generation.

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