A long weekend in Sicily


I’ve been away…

Mr Tiddles and I went on a fabulous long weekend to Trapani in Sicily. How did we pick our location? A leap of faith based on a return flight on Ryanair for just £50 if we are honest…

s90We travelled light with just a small backpack each (so as not to incorporate a baggage charge) and Richard booked a convenient  B & B called Piazza Vittorio which had got great reviews on Trip Advisor and was only something like £20 per person, per night. It was just 1 minute from the beach and a short walk into the old part of the city which was filled with beautiful old buildings and lovely cafe’s and restaurants..

It was indeed impossible to eat 1940’s… but we did enjoy lovely food and Sicilian wine!




Our B & B room at Piazza Vittorio – Guiesseppa, our host, was wonderfully helpful

We had an absolutely wonderful time, so much to tell have decided to set up a travel blog just so we can keep a track of where we go, what we do and build memories.




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  1. Birth place of my late father (apropos, as it’s father’s day here in Canada) and best place ever. A second home for me. 🙂 Glad that you had an amazing time!

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