The Wartime Spirit Campaign



QUOTE: “We can now see an age of ‘thrift being the new thrust’ and ‘frugality the new frontier’.”

Launching the Wartime Spirit campaign (in 2009) at the Imperial War Museum, Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust, said “frugality” is about to come back into fashion. (read rest of article here)

For the last 5 or 6 years there have been many articles in the media telling us that a return to a wartime spirit where we become less wasteful, preserve energy, grow vegetables, and make do and mend, is needed to start healing society and work towards reducing the greenhouse effect (and ultimately climate change).

I just saw a Facebook friend (Suzy) link to the original article on this here at the Telegraph where the ‘Wartime Spirit Campaign’ was first launched and it got me wondering whatever happened to it?

Did people embrace the campaign? Is it still going? Why has it run out of steam?

Lets keep the wartime spirit campaign going I say.







2 thoughts on “The Wartime Spirit Campaign

  1. I learned to be frugal from my mother who lived through the war years. It is ingrained in me. I never throw away a slice of bread and wash plastic food bags to reuse. Can’t remember the last time I bought a plastic food bag. And I make my own shopping bags. It really angers me when shop assistants put goods in plastic shopping bags without even asking if you want one. I always give them back.

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