What I ate yesterday and how much it cost!

stewEssentially… a pan of stew!

The problem I have is the Hobbits (my 3 grown up kids) just won’t eat a good stew so if I make one I tend to eat it all. It’s not a bad thing, it’s delicious, warm and filling and CHEAP! We have to think of ways to get by on a small income constantly so price is important..

So here is what I ate yesterday plus how much it cost:

Breakfast: Porridge/Oatmeal for breakfast and a slice of toast 15p (I buy my bread on the reduced shelf and my porridge is from the basics range)

Lunch and dinner: Two big bowls of vegetable stew each time (so a total of 4) with a slice of bread with margarine on each time too. 80p (stew was made from marrow, lentils, potatoes and carrots and onion with a soft tomato and some Bisto and dried herbs/seasoning)

I also grazed on some pumpkin seeds I found in my drawer at work 10p

Total cost of food for the day £1.05
Calories in the region of 2200

Exercise: I walked for an hour

One thought on “What I ate yesterday and how much it cost!

  1. looks lovely Carolyn….I throw in kidney beans or chickpeas to ring the changes with a veg stew..if you do a big pot you can add chilli to one lot and curry paste/powder to another to get three different meals….not sure they would have done the hot and spicy route during the war though?…hey talking of curry …I noticed fresh turmeric in Morrisons last week, any idea how you use it fresh?..oh and thanks for the marrow tip…I tend to buy courgettes forgetting that marrows are so much cheaper to put in a stew….on my shopping list this week!

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