1940s leftovers

Had a great day yesterday..

Having cooked lots of 1940s ration book recipes on Saturday and Sunday, there has been no excuse not to stick to my wartime recipes.

Over the last few days I’ve eaten a whole Lord Woolton Pie, half a carrot roll, several Anzac biscuits and carrot cookies, some vinegar cake, some Brown Betty with custard and lots and lots of vegetables and I have carrot roll and cauliflower with gravy to take to work with me.

The ‘Murkey’ (mock turkey) I made smelled delicious but being a veggie, I just couldn’t have brought myself to taste it…oh but it DID smell good! So I had to test it out on someone. My partner (ooo it sounds rather fab saying that!) came over yesterday afternoon and he passed the initiation test by consuming a large plateful of 1940s ration book recipe leftovers including the mock turkey AND he ate the vinegar cake..

Life is good right now…

C xxxx

3 thoughts on “1940s leftovers

  1. I just found your site! Wonderful. I LOVE This concept. I’m going to poke around and check out all your recipes. It’s like a 40s Julie and Julia kind of thing! I’m a huge vintage fan. I collect vintage, swing dance and write vintage fiction stories (www.girlinthejitterbugdress.com) This so fits into my life! Thanks for sharing your adventure! Will tweet and share on my FB.

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