Tuesday’s food diary


Breakfast was porridge.. yay!!

For lunch I had fried bread (well a scraping of margarine on each side and browned in the pan with a little salt sprinkled) and topped with a couple of mushrooms, some little tomatoes and some spinach, gently sauted in the pan with a teaspoon of marmite.

Dinner was leftover ‘Leek and Lentil Pie’  (and some stir fried veggies my eldest Hobbit had leftover from her cooking. For dessert I made a steamed fruit & carrot eggless pudding with a zingy lemon sauce.  DELICIOUS!!!


PS: Recipe coming tomorrow!

C xxx

5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s food diary

  1. That looks a delicious day Carolyn…will look forward to that pudd recipe!…I tried porridge this morning made with water topped with a tinned apricot plus some of the juice and a handful of nuts it was surprisingly good!

  2. Your mushrooms on toast look sooo good! I’m starting the Ration book diet tomorrow and have a punnet of mushrooms that need to be eaten – now I know what I’m having for my first Ration book lunch! Yum!

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