Wednesday’s food diary


I’ll continue with my daily food diary for a while- I hope it is helping anyone curious to see what I’m eating.

Started the day off with porridge oats/oatmeal. 2 oz/100 g simmered with water for 2 minutes. (and that provided 11 g of protein and 8 g of fibre!) Then I took a heaped teaspoon of my summer berry jam and watered it down with a few teaspoons of water and swirled it over the top. Tasted DELICIOUS and looked beautiful in the morning sunshine!

Calories 200 cals and cost was less than 10 p including the tea!



For lunch I had some baby spinach leaves and some raw sugar snap peas, a sliced tomato and two slices of bread with margarine and a dollop of pickle.

Calories 500 and cost was about 70 p.



Dinner tasted good but for anything I create that is sausage shaped, it ended up looking like dog poo!!! These brown dollops were infact wartime ‘bean croquettes’ and I served them with peas and cauliflower (22 g of protein )

Calories 700 and cost about 70 p.


Later this evening I am having a slice of apple pie and a big mug of tea. Calories 400 and cost about 25 p

Total calories for the day 1800

Total cost of food for the day 1.75



Oh and I almost forgot….

A BIG THANK YOU to Rosie. I got a letter this morning containing May’s edition of ‘Waitrose Weekend’.  “Keep Calm and Cook Like Granny” was an interesting and fun  article written by Alison Hepworth who lived on wartime rations for 1 week and how she managed to cope, in her busy life, without ready-meals.

C xxxx

5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s food diary

  1. I love the look of the porridge and jam…I havnt quite got the hang of eating raw veg but I tried a raw carrot with lunch and it was ok!…the potato and lentil curry was delicious, enough left to make into some pasties for lunch tomorrow.

  2. One of the things I love to do is mash potatoes and steamed cauliflower together, with a little vegan margarine, maybe a little unsweetened almond milk. To me it tastes better than just mashed potatoes, and love getting the extra benefits of cauliflower in it.

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