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Hi! I have been studying the domestic home-front and re-creating wartime food for 8 years and I’m available in an advisory capacity, for any documentary, movie, or any form of media regarding rationing and WW2 food and recipes. Whether you need authentic recipes to be recreated or to provide guidance, menus, and/or information on food eaten during the war, please contact me at 1940sexperiment@gmail.com

If you are interested in having a guest writer on your blog, or need a historical food writer for your magazine please contact me at 1940sexperiment@gmail.com

In 2014 I will be available to attend events and schools to provide an educational and hopefully interesting demonstration on wartime recipes and answer questions about food, rationing and the domestic home-front during WWII. There will be hand outs available and recipes to taste. Please contact me at 1940sexperiment@gmail.com

I’m available to review your book, here, on the 1940s Experiment blog, if you feel your book is a good fit. Please send me a copy of your book and any promotional material to 1940sexperiment@gmail.com

Are you interested in creating a successful blog? Do you need help setting up a blog and some guidance to get started and some advice on how to make your blog successful? Please contact me at 1940sexperiment@gmail.com

14 thoughts on “Hire me

  1. Hello, I’ve been following you for a while (in a blog sense!) and I’d love to help publicise you so will be tweeting and FB sharing this. I have a blog which is half writers, half me, half dodgy arithmetic and half independent UK film-makers, it may be a good place for you to have an “interview” (plug, profile) – http://dieselelectricelephant.wordpress.com/blog/ .

    The independent film makers connection would be where the value may lie for you. If you would like to then you’d be very welcome, please just see the link at the top right re “want a blog plug” and we can start from there. The blog’s only a few months old of course, but it’s building up. No worries if you would rather not too! Best wishes, Ian Hutson.

    • Oh that really would be very much appreciated Ian…

      I’ve just moved back to the UK from a long spell in Canada and need to find a way to earn an income so I’m hoping to be able to advise on authentic 1940s recipes or do some vintage food writing to help keep the wolf from the door.

      I’ll go and check your website out now!

      Thanks again xxx

  2. Hello, this is just what I need! ALL ADVICE WELCOME PLEASE X Am 42, married with kids in their teens, need to save ALL THE PENNIES that can. I work PART TIME and have an allotment and not too good a health, but I do what I can, My wheels are currently off the road but I get about, waddling!

    • Welcome Suzy!! I find it very frugal and healthy sticking with rations and eating plenty of leafy veggies. The last 4 years (being single) has been a struggle financially in a HUGE way so maybe we can swap some tips…always looking for ways to save pennies!!

      I hope your health isn’t too bad 🙁 How wonderful that you have an allotment!!!!!!


  3. Hi, I have to say i love your blog and the recipes. I don’t know whether you have thought the email address through though. It may come up on unwanted web sites or be blocked because of the spelling.

    • Yes after the blog kind of became popular I became aware of the “sexperiment” bit…. hadn’t really noticed before but kind of stuck with it now!! LOL! xxx

  4. I emailed you just before you left Canada about giving a talk to my local Women’s Institute branch. (We’re in Stockport, south of Manchester.) Our members would absolutely LOVE to hear about what you’ve been doing over the last eight years! From there you could get onto the lists of speakers for WI meetings. As events organisers are always looking for good speakers you could get probably get quite a few bookings that way. If you had something to sell at the end of the talk that too would be a way of earning more money out of it. We would be able to pay you only about £50-£70 but we could probably raise something for your travel costs if you stayed at my house. I guarantee you’d get a good reception.

    • Joss- I have to apologize. I do remember reading the message now you have reminded me but with everything that was going on I clean forgot to come back to you about this. In 2014 I’d LOVE to do this! I have a phobia about getting up in front of people and talking but because I want to do it so much I’m going to work on this over the winter so I can go out and do exactly what you have offered.

      If you are willing to wait until early next year I’d absolutely love to do it as my first talk!!!

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • We’ve got all our speakers booked up until Christmas anyway but I’ll make sure to propose you for a slot in 2014. The woman who started our new WI branch here, back in only May, works at the Pump House, People’s History Museum, so I’m sure she’d be very enthusiastic about everything you have to tell us. And, of course, everybody is interested in losing weight! You could do a lot here, far more than in Nova Scotia, I’m sure of it. I’ll get those pictures to you soon and I’ll keep in touch. We need to make a website for our new WI group so maybe that is something you could help us with too.

      • Oh thanks so much and I’d LOVE to work on your WI site too when you are ready to do that. I’m really excited about doing this- its gives me something to aim and prepare for and could end up being quite an adventure! I need to get more weight off and purchase some 1940s gear finally!! 🙂 Heehee! Thanks again Joss xxxx

  5. Hi, just been wondering if you had considered having a go at a “pop up” restaurant serving 1940’s food? You have them in your own home, however often you want to. I’m sure there must be a market for it in a large city like Nottingham. Wish you were nearer, I would be there like a shot. . . x

  6. I’ve never heard of a pop-up restaurant… how do you get to be allowed to do one of those? I think it sounds wonderful!!! I have a big table! LOL!

    • Hi Carolyn…take a look at http://supperclubfangroup.ning.com/..Miss Marmite is the expert on SupperClubs and Pop Up Restaurants and you can register your event and take bookings on line ..her site is free to use. She has written a book which explains all the legal issues if you do it seriously like registering your kitchen & having it inspected by the council and insurance in case you poison anyone….I have her book which I would be happy to send to you…I planned to do them myself but my husband needs constant care now. It sounds so much fun and as you have such a following I think people would flock to come to dinner with you and as you have a good following already you are already there for marketing 1940s themed dress up dinner parties….ooh how I wish I could come!

      • OMG thanks so much Kate!!! You don’t know how much hosting something like this once a month would excite me… and I’m thinking not just food (and lets face it the food wouldn’t be very exciting but at least it will be a taste of history) but the whole experience, music, posters, displays… fun! Appreciate the heads up and the link xxxxx PS And thanks again mollyannabythesea!!!

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