Bread and Prune Pudding – Recipe No 111


Bread and Prune Pudding

  • 10 – 12 slices of bread ( stale is fine!)
  • 2 ounces of margarine or butter
  • 2 ounces of sugar
  • 2 ounces of dried raisin sultanas
  • 1 beaten egg (fresh or dried) **optional
  • 8 chopped stewed prunes
  • milk to mix
  • cinnamon
  • extra sugar for topping


1. Put chopped up bread (cut/tear into small chunks) into a basin and add a little water. Leave for a few minutes.

2. Squeeze bread out until fairly dry

3. Return bread to empty basin and add all the other ingredients (except spice) adding a little milk to make a sticky consistency

4. Add cinnamon a little at a time until your own taste

5. Place mixture into a greased pan

6. Cook at 175 degrees C for an hour or so until edges are browned and centre is hot

7. Sprinkle sugar on top 10 minutes before end of cooking

8. Allow to cool a little, slice and serve

Serves 6-8 people


3 thoughts on “Bread and Prune Pudding – Recipe No 111

  1. Good morning!
    I re-read my comment about the Mass Observation Archive and realised I didn’t give the proper book titles. Hidden Lives is the first-please read it, amazing real diary entries. However if any of you would be upset by un PC comments then avoid.
    Today I just am not hungry so I may toy with a bit of toast mid morning.
    Lunch will be salad, maybe with tinned sardines.
    Dinner is going to be curry & rice. Veg for me, chicken added for the rest of the family not time travelling!
    I need to bake some bread today so shall make good use of the oven & cook some rhubarb.
    Keep calm & carry on! X


  2. Good morning Louise!!! Thanks for that info about the books…. just deciding here what to cook today.. its 6:15 am and having a cuppa tea! xxxxx


  3. Hello, I’ve loved following your recipes and experience with the wartime kitchen front. Just wanted to say that I made the bread and apple pudding version the other day and accidentally left out the butter/marg. It was still sat there on the side looking forlornly at me after I’d put the dish in the oven! Anyway, the finished pudding sans butter tasted fine, perhaps lacking a little tenderness and richness, but if the ration’s running short I think it can be happily left out, especially if eating hot 🙂


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