The British High Street during WW2

I’ve come across a TV series that ran in the UK two years ago and I’ve started to watch it. I just had to share it with you in case you missed it too!!

7 thoughts on “The British High Street during WW2

  1. I remember watching this a while ago. I was a war time baby but of course I don’t remember the war time rations but remember the years after the war that were quite lean. If you didn’t eat what was on you plate there was nothing else until the next meal.
    I shall be living on rations similar to war time next month when I will be attempting to live on £1 (1.25 US dollars) PER DAY for five days. This is in aid of the Global Poverty Project . I’m hoping family and friends will support me.
    Maybe others would like to have go! Go to Good luck if you do this

  2. Wartime Kitchen and Garden looked good, but I have not been able to get hold of all episodes. There are only select ones on you tube. Would love to see the whole series.

  3. I watched all the parts above last night and thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂 I do have a 1940s video page where if I find a complete series on YouTube I’ll embed them on a page so If i come across Wartime Kitchen and Garden I’ll link to that..

    Jan- I spent a good hour finding out more about the poverty challenge and watching the videos so I’ll definitely promote this on my blog. There was a short video of the guy going shopping to do his 5 days shopping (having 5UKP’s) to spend and funnily enough the items he chose were what many on rationing would have had as staples

    Bag of oatmeal
    Bag of split peas
    Some veggies and potatoes
    stock and herbs and salt

    C xxxx

  4. Thank you so much for the link to this fascinating series, of which I had not heard before. I’ll definitely chase up as many episodes as I can.
    Hope all is well with you 🙂

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