1940s Christmas- Cinnamon Tree Decorations

Continuing in the homemade and 1940s christmas theme, where our Christmas will once again, be on a budget, be creative, within our means and no credit, here is a great recipe for non-edible fragrant Christmas tree decorations. The below recipe is enough to make 20+ decorations and will make your room smell wonderful! A couple of years ago I made these for gifts for work colleagues too…

Applesauce and Cinnamon Christmas Tree Decorations

* 1 part applesauce to 2 parts cinnamon powder (purchase from a dollar store)
* cookie cutters (or hand cut)
* rolling pin
* wax paper
* drinking straw
* glitter, paint, ribbon etc (optional)


  1. As a rough guide (depending on the consistency of the applesauce) you will need to mix 1 cup of applesauce to 2 cups of cinnamon powder.
  2. Place the applesauce in a bowl and pour in the cinnamon powder (always have extra incase you need to add it) and mix with a spoon until mixed to the right consistency for rolling
  3. Place the dough in a bag (or use gloves) and knead it a little
  4. Put the dough in between waxed paper and roll to about 1/4 inch with rolling pin
  5. Use cookie cutters for shaping
  6. Use drinking straw for making hole near the top for ribbon etc
  7. With flat knife remove the christmas decoration onto clean waxed paper on a flat tray
  8. Once all done place the decorations somewhere dry. They will take a few days to air dry
  9. Once dry you can add the ribbon or add decorations or glitter etc (or add the glitter at the kneading stage)
  10. These smell wonderful (BUT DON’T EAT THEM)
  11. If they lose their smell just put a little cinnamon or apple oil onto the back
  12. Hang on your tree or give to friends as gifts!


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  1. Great idea, so easy! Do they last? I mean, do they go ‘off’ after Christmas, or do they dry out and last from year to year?

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