Wartime tips for an austerity Christmas

Well I think we can officially start to prepare for Christmas! Infact on the home-front, preparations would have started many months ago with precious foods like nuts and dried fruits being squirrelled away. I’ve kept a bag of nuts from last Christmas, I’m hoping they will still be OK..

Having decided a month or so ago to have a 1940s Christmas Day, I was really pleased to receive an e-mail from my ex-husband who suggested that our families this year should have a “homemade” Christmas. This was sweet music to my ears as I’m all for more time and thought being put into presents…rather than money. My youngest daughter Em, and myself, already have our gifts for everyone planned and we are looking at spending just a few dollars per person…

I’m going to be busy in the kitchen….

Yesterday I found myself a suitable Christmas tree in our woodland, it’s only about 5 ft tall but a perfect size to dig up, put in a pot and keep watered inside before replanting outside after Christmas. I kind of like that.

So to kick off the Wartime & Homemade Christmas theme this year, here is a great “How-To” video from the Imperial War Museum that a friend shared on Facebook the other day..

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  1. Tried these and they’re really easy to make BRILLIANT, the kids love them. I’ve been using all our old magazines, old catalogues, and adverts that come in the post… they’re a great way to recycle junk and they make such colourful tree decorations

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