1 day to go

Tomorrow is my last day of the 1940s Experiment, it will mean I have lived on wartime rations for a year and re-created 100 wartime recipes. Actually, I need to cook 6 more recipes by the end of the day October 1st, to make it, so be prepared for a flurry of recipes coming through tonight and tomorrow!

I know I haven’t reached the hoped for 100 lb weight loss but this has never been about being on a DIET but rather changing my eating habits to replicate a typical authentic wartime rationing diet (with the luck of being able to have unlimited vegetables) to see what effect this had on my weight and my health. In addition I increased my exercise to become more active as people would have been in the 1940s.

I’m off out now to do an afternoon of volunteer work, I’ll be busy tonight cooking!

C xxxx

10 thoughts on “1 day to go

  1. 100lbs or not you should be amazingly proud! Not many people would be able to stick to it!

    I for one have really enjoyed following you for the past year. Kind of sad it’s about to end!

    Well done and thanks for everything you’ve put into this project 🙂 x

  2. It’s been very interesting reading your blog. Thanks for sharing it all with us! You look great and I’m sure you feel better every day. It sounds like there’s been some upheaval in your life recently. As my Dad likes to say, keep on keeping on. Sending you good thoughts!

  3. It is somewhat bizarre to feel proud of someone you have never met and do not know but I am indeed very proud of you. You should also know that under your influence and inspiration I have gone veggie (after years of toying with the idea)and have taken up running – so ta for that too.

  4. Wow, what an achievement! You’ve still lost a load of weight. The most I’ve ever lost is 30 lbs, but that took a whole year, and it looks like this time round it’s going to be the same. It took all of last week to lose the 2 lbs that took me to half way, and then it went straight back on in a day! To be honest, I don’t dare go on the rationing diet because it contains so many more carbs and sugar and meat than I’m used to. We eat a fish four times a week, so maybe I should factor in that fish wasn’t available so much during the war. Anyway, good on you. I’m loving the recipes.

  5. Carolyn, Before I found your blog, I had a few rationing books and had cooked a few recipes, but you brought it alive for me and helped me see past the powdered egg salad dressings and mock cream! I now eat a delicious rationing inspired diet pretty much all the time. It has simplified mealtimes no end, increased the amount of veg I eat and has saved me a packet. I have energy problems and have been unable to work for a while, so you can imagine how helpful this has been for me.
    A big thank you!

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