Wartime Farm- it came today!

Thank you to Octopus Publishing for sending me a review copy of the “Wartime Farm” (the book to accompany the TV series currently running on the BBC) all the way from the UK! Seeing as I desperately wanted to get my hands on this and devour it, but funds did not allow, this was rather, fabulously timely, so, I will spend the next few days dissecting it and taking my pulse as I read, too see whether it excites me or not.

My palms became slightly sweaty and everything else in the universe became white noise, as I opened the book and peaked at the first few pages… that HAS to be a good sign.

I’ll be sure to post my review on here soon.

In the meantime, I spot a gas-mask, a chicken, Ruth, Alex and Peter and …..


C xxxxx

8 thoughts on “Wartime Farm- it came today!

  1. Love the hair! I am watching the series now. You can download the first three episodes on thebox.bz. It’s fab. As usual, Alex spends most of his time standing around while the other two do the work, but I’m sure there have always been characters like that, in war and peace.

  2. I am so lucky. Manor Farm is 5 mins away from my house and I visit it often. It so good to see it on the tele as wartime living.

  3. Enjoy! Maybe you will have a go at making the potato and jam pie!!! A new series has just started on BBC2 called ‘How We Won the War’. The other evening it covered rationing and a couple of ladies go round the schools dressed, like you, and cook up food from ww2 recipes. The kids loved it! Back on again tonight. Hope you get to watch it. Trevor.

  4. It’s wonderful isn’t it, I love the bit on home remedies. Been doing some research on herbs used during the war in the UK, will do a blog post on it soon. Very interesting stuff. Not sure about the Mock Orange Juice ‘Caroleen’ recipe mind, got the gingerbread cake from p135 in the oven now, smells lovely!

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