A 10 km hike!

I’m REALLY trying to keep active these days and there is one thing I’ve steadily learned to do well during the 1940s Experiment and that is WALK! With fuel being hard to get hold of during WW2 people did a LOT of walking and I’ve tried very hard to replicate this as my weight has dropped and my agility improved…

Yesterday was a busy day..

It started at 8;30 as a greeter, for a couple of hours, for the Growing Green Festival. I LOVED doing this… having a quick chat with strangers, handing out schedules and just basically feeling happy as I watched the world go by. The festival looked amazing and the farmers market was packed…

After that I took a short break, in my car, to load up my photos to Facebook and ensure I had some water and food to take hiking with me and headed off to the MARC (click here)  I’ve lived in Nova Scotia for 8 years and had never visited. I guess I had no need to seeing I just couldn’t walk anywhere…

The MARC series of trails were awesome..

I hadn’t really prepared, infact I had took a 60 second glance at the series of trails and thought “meh”… I’ll just see where the trail takes me and deal with it. So I stuck with the main trail “home run” which took me up some steep hills and through the woods and then after 30 minutes or so deposited me in a field where the track ended…ermmm OK. It was then I realized the trail was linear and not looped and on my return I should take all the lesser signposted trails to take me deep into the woods and over more challenging terrain. So I took various sub trails signposted milkshake, cliff hanger, rapids express, graveyard gardens, la banane and others and finally returned to the car, two hours and 10 km later.

It was an easy peaceful hike. As I meandered through the 100 acre forest I was the only person there but enjoyed the company of squirrels, birds, insects and hidden wildlife that made rustling sounds but never revealed themselves..

And then I came across ‘Rhodenizers Brook” and went off trail to take myself down to the waters edge. The sun lit a few rocks and swathes of moss here and there and the sound of the running water was so peaceful. I sat down and leaned against a tree and closed my eyes….

C xxxxx

2 thoughts on “A 10 km hike!

  1. I love going on epic walks – surprisingly I get back with more energy than when I went out – sounds like you had a lovely day. Very interesting blog, too!

    • Thank you Rick!! I know where you are coming from! When you stop you feel tired but after a short rest its like you feel reenergized and could do it all over again! If I had time on my hands I’d pretty much love to go on a hike every day in all sorts of weather! C xx

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