Exercising hard- damn hard

By other peoples standards, what causes me to become red faced and grotesquely sweaty, may just cause a few drops of perspiration to accumulate on their own brow, but I’m pretty proud of the effort I am putting in to lose the lbs.

I now exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week and most of that is aerobic.

Today I had a major breakthrough….I was due to tune in to the final session of week 3 of my “Couch to 5K” podcast program which would involve walking and jogging. Week 3 goes up to 3 minutes walking then 3 minutes jogging and I had been pushing my jogging speed to 5 mph and only “just” managing to complete 3 minutes.

When I got up to the gym I went to play my week 3 podcast and I had somehow managed to delete it…. gone! So instead I found some rather magnificent music from the movie “King Arthur”, shoved the ear buds in and decided to take the speed down a little and try some endurance.

With the treadmill set to an easy 3 mph I walked steadily for 5 minutes to warm up and then turned it up to a gentle 4 mph with an incline of 1 and started to jog. 8 minutes later for fear of doing something silly to my joints, turned it back down to 3 mph and continued to walk. “I just ran 8 minutes” !!! Woo Hoo! And then I dared to think I wonder if I could do a gentle jog for even longer?

After another 5 minutes of walking and spurred on by the incredibly arousing and haunting music, again I began to jog… 3 minutes passed, 5 minutes, 8 minutes, 10 minutes, 12 minutes…. Why was I still jogging and not hurting? Ok so I was sweating like someone had locked me in a sauna for 24 hours and painted me with beetroot juice BUT….. I got to 15 minutes and stopped for fear of Laura (from the couch to 5 k podcasts) somehow getting whiff of my naughtiness. I felt fine, I felt elated!!! I started jogging 3 weeks ago and had so far not run for longer than 3 minutes without stopping…

I needed this, I needed to know that I could stick this out

Have a great weekend!

C xxxxxxx

PS This weekend I am HIKING. YES HIKING!!! A 7 km trail, heading off with a back pack, some food and some water and some determination! If I don’t have a good weight loss this week I’ll throw rotten tomatoes at my bathroom scale!!

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  1. WOW, that’s awesome! I am impressed, as it was all I could do to make a 2 minute straight jog when I was doing C25K, LOL!

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