A little update…

I’m trying hard to get right back on track starting with a week of eating lots of fresh veg and fruit as well as drinking plenty of water. Whenever I can I’m eating and drinking organic to assist flushing toxins from my body. I am sure there were less pesticides used in the 1940’s and of course most food and meals were cooked using home or locally grown meat and veg..

I’ve just popped by the store and bought some organic butter, sugar and cheese and at home I already have organic milk and a mixture of organic fruit and veg…

I am convinced that to become healthier as a nation we need to try and “get back to basics”…

Please let me have shifted weight when I weigh in on Saturday morning….I also want to see an improvement in my blood pressure.

PS I am going to start recording my weigh ins with a video camera just so you can see or hear a reaction and laugh at my Hobbit feet !


5 thoughts on “A little update…

    • Hey Jan- actually we have a box scheme here at work BUT it involved a large up front payment and I am a woman of modest means so just couldn’t afford it at the time. I think it’s a great idea though and its great to support the smaller farmers xxx


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