Week 2 (again)- another 3 lb off!

Last weeks weight = 309 lb

This weeks weight = 306 lb

Total weight loss (this time around) = 8 lb

Well despite a social function in the loft above the pub, a couple of hours on the deck at Lunenburg Yacht Club and a fun couple of hours in a floating holiday cottage moored in the harbour at Mahone Bay I’ve pretty much successfully stuck to food that was available in the 1940s with only one slip up. I guess my only vice this week has been drinking too much ale and too much rhubarb wine… have decided to not drink alcohol except socially or on special occasions in the future. Will save money and get the weight shifted quicker that way…

No interesting meals this week- have more or less stuck to quite basic foods based on my rations and ones that were quick to prepare liked fried spam (see above)

Trust me, when you no longer have salty junk food in your life SPAM becomes a real treat!

SPAM became widely available in the UK around 1942 and was not rationed… most families if they could afford to buy it, would have done so to supplement their meagre meat rations. Grocers may well have limited their distribution of it so it was available to more people (but that is just my guess)… it seems there are many favourable memories of spam during WWII from the families who enjoyed it.

C xx

PS If anyone has any further information on spam used culinary in WWII please share!

2 thoughts on “Week 2 (again)- another 3 lb off!

  1. I’ve been following your experiment for a while as I’m very interested in that time period and frugality. Starting Monday, I’m going to eat “rations” for a week and go from there. Hopefully I’ll lose weight and learn some more interesting facts as well. Thanks for the inspiration, Carolyn!

  2. I think spam was on points, wasn’t it? Or maybe it wasn’t. The IWM in London has an awesome MoF exhibit on now, if anyone can get to see it. They’ve just released a new round of food books, etc. too…

    Marguerite Patten was there a couple of times too, but it never worked out that I could go.

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