The 1940’s Experiment- Four months on

August 2009 @ 315lbs - November 2009 @ 283lbs

Hello my name is Carolyn Ekins. I am a single mother of three and I have been morbidly obese for several years.

My all time heaviest was 343 lbs. Last Christmas I weighed 330 lbs.

In August 2009 I weighed in at 315 lbs and vowed to change my eating habits forever in a year long 1940s Social Experiment based on the rationed diets of everyday folk living on the home-front during World War II.  I truly believe by being as true as I can to living a year eating back to basics food, cooked from scratch and as little processed food as I can, I WILL become a healthier person. I aim to lose 100 lb in one year..

Four months into the 1940s Experiment I have lost almost 33 lbs and weighed in today at 282 lbs.

I don’t count calories, and if I am hungry I eat lots of food and my theory seems to be working- I do feel MUCH healthier from just a few months ago.

It hasn’t always been an easy journey and have slipped up a handful of times and sometimes eat way too much bread BUT I know I can make it.

100 Cooked and Photographed Wartime Recipes

100 Wartime Recipes will be recreated and photographed throughout the year of the 1940’s Experiment. I want this to be a record in photographs of a typical 1940’s rationing diet and to experience the tastes of the time using the ingredients available.

So far I have recreated nearly 30 recipes- 1 every 3 days!

Thank you for your support!

And thanks for all the support I have been getting from all the people who have read 23,000 pages of my blog since August 2009. Knowing people are reading and commenting keeps me going… it really does. I LOVE reading the comments and thoughts left on my blog!!

C xxxxxxx

14 thoughts on “The 1940’s Experiment- Four months on

  1. WOW Carolyn – go girl! You look fabulous – you should feel very proud of yourself – and I think you will inspire others too!

  2. Matt & Carol- Yes although I have a huge way to go (and am still like a Tellytubby but not half as cute) – those 30 odd pounds have made quite a difference to my well being…

    Going through a very difficult patch at the moment so have set a target to lose 10 lbs before Christmas (seems a lot but hey I am pretty fat!)

    If I can do this I’ll be laughing- it will be just what’s needed to motivate me

    Thanks so much for your comments..

    I gobble them up unashamedly

    You’re ace

    C xxx

  3. You look stunning Carolyn and you can DEFINITELY make it and as Carol comments you should be so proud of what you’ve already achieved – it is tremendous.


  4. Golly guys- don’t know what to say except what you’ve said is way too kind but I thank you for making me feel rather wonderful just now

    C xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Naomi- I always remember how you lost weight and how fabby you look now….what made you so determined to lose the weight you wanted to?


  5. For anyone out there who has successfully lost weight especially quite a large amount, do you have any tips to share- how did you keep your motivation up to keep going on?

    Any tips gratefully received………


    C xxxxx

    • Carolyn you are doing so well and I love reading your blog. Since the beginning of this year I have dropped from size 22 to size14/16 (UK sizes) – I never weigh myself so can’t comment on weight loss.

      I haven’t dieted. I couldn’t bear the thought of another after spending most of my life on one. When we moved into our smallholding for the first time in my life I ate what I wanted and the pounds piled on.

      In January this year I gave up drinking wine, in fact nearly all alcohol, although I do indulge now and then. I cut portion sizes but still eat three meals a day and never snack in the evenings, apart from the one square of chilli chocolate I indulge in.

      I don’t exercise for excercise sake but I do work around the smallholding and walk the dogs.

      I can’t believe how much better I feel, I can bend again and the pains in my lower back and hips are almost gone.

      And then there’s the wardrobe. I have a whole load of “new” clothes to wear which were my old ones.

      So keep up the good work and I look forward to reading all about it.

      • Hey Polyanne- you have done fabulously and I’d ideally LOVE to be your size!!!

        It’s funny when you say smallholding as you kind of naturally think you’ll become lean when you take on the work running a smallholding involves but I was the same as you when we moved to one back in the UK- BOING- 20- 30 lbs on!!!

        Giving up alcohol is one of the key things- done the same here except the occasional beer when I go to the pub on Trivia night or like now at Christmas.. You lose sooo much!

        Well done on your weighloss and thanks for reading and commenting on mine!!

        C xx

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    All I did was add some HTML code

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