I’ll be back…!!

A quick update ! Such a lot has happened…when I get internet connection back next week there is sooo much to write about and share!

My main computer which administers our network at home completely crashed last week and is being sorted out- fingers crossed the data on it can be saved/retrieved. Therefore at the moment I have to drive 15 minutes into town, hook into someone’s unsecured network down here at the wharf while sat in the car and briefly surf.

The last two weeks weigh in’s have seen my weight stay exactly the same BUT I have set myself a goal of losing 10 lbs before christmas… I reckon that in the 1940’s families would have eaten leanly before Christmas to save up their rations for a blow out- so that’s what I am doing!

Lots of recipes coming and I’ll start posting them as soon as my home network is up and running again!

C xx

5 thoughts on “I’ll be back…!!

  1. Hey thanks all- I’m holding up and determined to lose 10 lb before Christmas- should be able to do so after all I’ll be saving my goodie rations up! (and eating less bread- ermmm)

    Typing here from the wharf, looking out to sea and it’s very dark. Can’t wait to get the internet back.

    Looking forward to sharing more recipes too- made some nice little things these past couple of weeks!

    Thanks for leaving a comment!!

    C xx

  2. Back online properly (no more furtive trips down to the nearest town to use someones unsecured network from outside their house!!!)

    Looking forward to getting everything updated on the site over the weekend…. thanks for checking in N

    C xx

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