The big feed – invited to lunch.


Eating away from home when you are trying to stick 100% to something like I am doing can be quite challenging, especially when you are invited to lunch..

This past weekend was VERY busy for me..and for once the children took a back seat. On Saturday I enjoyed a day helping Dave down at the Mahone Bay Marina with the office admin as it was annual haul out time and it’s literally all hands on deck. It is always quite amazing to see the boats hauled out of the sea with a crane and placed on the wharf on their cradles or trailers to spend the winter on land. Eating at lunch on Saturday was easy- I just brought sandwiches from home and enjoyed a homemade cookie that Margaret dropped over.

Sunday was an entirely different matter. I had been invited over to Dominik & Pheobe’s house to partake in Sunday lunch with John & Ina, Corey & Cheryl. As the smells wafted around their house I prayed silently that it would be something that I could gobble down without worrying about it too much..

The lunch was delicious…. minted peas, sweetcorn, chicken and roast potatoes.. the most yummy roast potatoes cooked to perfection (something I have never really managed to do). It goes without saying that Dominik (he who cooked the glorious spuds) was interrogated ever so politely until every single ingredient and method was stored away in the vicinity of my cranium, securely for future retrieval.

Pudding was frozen blueberries with a warm white chocolate sauce over the top. I don’t think there would have been white chocolate sauce in the 1940’s….Briefly I considered excusing myself from the table with my dish to the bathroom to run the blueberries under the cold tap to remove their coating but HELL that was about the most crazy idea ever. Anyway, it was just a fleeting one as one whiff of the chocolate sent me into an mmmmmm, mmmmmmmm frenzy as the pud was gobbled down.

Finally the homemade wine hit the table. John & Corey had brought wine from home and the temptation was just too strong and I enjoyed 1/2 a glass of each ( I was driving later)…..

I guess the choccie sauce and the wine deviated from a typical 1940’s diet and I did feel a little guilty afterwards but hey sometimes when pleasures fall into your lap you have to take them where you can. I think anyone in the 1940’s would have done the same…..

C xx

2 thoughts on “The big feed – invited to lunch.

  1. I can’t help you with the chocolate but I looked at Wikipedia for Canadian win. Canada has been producing wine for 200 years. The article says Nova Scotia produces wine so… HOMEMADE wine… shouldn’t that be authentic? It’s like growing your own veggies or chickens. I would think that people drank wine for special occassions like you did so you are probably safe on that one.

    Now as for the white chcolate… can’t help you there… 😀

    • Ok so this is GREAT! I can have homemade wine at Christmas then! I live practically next to a small winery that makes country wines from blueberries, cranberries, gooseberries and rhubarb so I guess this will be OK to indulge on a really special occasion? Teehee

      The white chocolate was definately a no no- good job it didn’t give me a craving!

      C xx

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