The Story of the Wobbly Bits (part 1)

As a teenager I always perceived myself as chubby but in reality my weight of 145-160 lbs for a 5 ft 6 inch lass was pretty average. You know what it’s like though. As a teen you are full of insecurities..

Then about 18 years ago the weight started to increase significantly. I had already given birth to my eldest daughter and she was around 2 or 3 years old. I really don’t know what happened for sure around that time that changed (I have an idea but it would be unethical to spout it out) but something did as I began wearing pants all the time (and have done so ever since).

When you start to put on weight you initially notice subtle changes….. you start to wobble more and there is more of you appearing in places where it didn’t before. Gradually jeans no longer feature in your wardrobe but rather stretchy pants with elasticated waistbands… I knew leggings were invented for something.

(part 2 soon)…

2 thoughts on “The Story of the Wobbly Bits (part 1)

  1. It is funny you should talk about being insecure about your weight, because I remember you when you were at school as being lean. You were always doing “Cross-Country Running” (even if you did probably stop for a ciggie half-way!). And you used to do horse riding. So, whilst you were busy being insecure, you also a little brother who was inspired by you. x

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