1st comparison photos


I can only see a subtle difference after losing 26 lbs but it’s a start…

When you blog about your weight-loss, especially when you have a LOT of weight to lose, I feel you probably have just about reached the end of the road. You no longer really care if people see your lumpy bits or what people think (although deep down inside you secretly do) but STILL it is painful to look at the photos you keep hidden….I have quite a few that I am still not brave enough to show just yet..

BUT part of my years journey, culinary experiment, awakening or whatever I deem to think of it as, is to record through photographs, thoughts, writing and video

a) What it’s like to live on a 1940’s WWII ration diet just like millions of people had to do not that long ago, and see if it improves my health AND recreate 100 wartime recipes!

b) The reality of facing ones own demons. What was the cause of a 160 lb weight gain? Can I change the eating habits that have caused this? What do people look like as they begin to lose weight? What thoughts run through your head? How do you cope with being a different person physically as you lose the weight?

As much as I find it difficult to share some of my photos and even some of my thoughts it really does also help me along the way…

There is a long journey ahead…

PS: CHECK BACK HERE TODAY: Pumpkin Soup, Apple Pie and Mock Banana Recipes (1940s style)

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13 thoughts on “1st comparison photos

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog! I can see a difference in your photos…and 26 lbs. is a huge amount of weight to have already lost. I was in your position a few years ago so I can relate. You keep up the good work…and you will accomplish your goal. Good luck!

  2. Just had to share these lovely messages through Facebook…Seriously though if you are trying to lose weight what a great way to get support- sharing your struggle with family/friends of Facebook. This is such a morale booster and stops you thinking negatively..

    E*** H*** Carolyn, you look so much healthier!! And slimmer of course. Well done you!
    Yesterday at 4:57pm · Delete

    Carolyn Ekins Thank ya! Just another 125 lbs to lose (*?*!!@#*?!@!)
    Yesterday at 5:44pm · Delete

    C**** A*** Carolyn you look great! Keep up the good work, 26 lbs is a lot of weight to lose especially when you lose it all over. Maybe you can’t see the difference but I definately can and its fantastic. Keep on going!
    Yesterday at 6:47pm · Delete

    S**** M*** More than a subtle difference. You’ve been an inspiration and I hope to see continued success!
    Yesterday at 7:00pm · Delete

    C**** S******* done keep it up.good luck for the next month, keep posing recipies.
    Yesterday at 7:44pm · Delete

    Carolyn Ekins Thank youuuuu !!! C xxx

    C***- yes lots of recipes coming up this week including soup !!
    Yesterday at 8:00pm · Delete

    Joshua Ekins Yay, good job, Motha’.
    You can see the difference, so you know this whole thing is definitly gonna work.
    Keep it up 😛
    10 hours ago · Delete

    Carolyn EkinsThanks Joshie xxxxxxxxxxx
    9 hours ago · Delete

    J** S*** Carolyn, do you keep track of your measurements, eg waist, bust? The photos show more than a subtle change. A graph of changing waist/bust/hips may make your achievements more noticeable.
    2 hours ago · Delete

    Carolyn Ekins Yes I took measurements right at the beginning Jon but I just cannot bring myself to post them (yet) !!!! I guess I should do a second bunch now and see what the difference is..
    about an hour ago · Delete

    Paul Hyland Sis, well done. You are doing great. I can see a difference in the photos, especially in the face and your sides. Keep it up. It will be worth it in the end, you’ll see. Bruvver xXx
    8 minutes ago · Delete

    Carolyn Ekins Thanks so much Paul- that means a lot. You know how I’ve struggled over the years trying to get this weight off- have yet to complete a mission! I do so hope this time will be the one…hope you, Rachel and the cashew nut are fine xxxxxxxxxxx
    5 minutes ago · Delete

  3. The is a lot of difference C.

    I bet it you put the same tee shirt and trousers on from the first photo the clothes will swamp you.

  4. Pat, MLA and Carol- THANKS!!!!!!!!!

    I am soooo gonna keep this going and lose the weight…your support has been wonderful.

    C xx

  5. Carolyn,

    I stumbled across your blog while looking up WWII information for a class I am teaching, and I bookmarked it so that I could come back and follow your journey with you. I hope you keep it up! Maybe it doesn’t mean so much coming from a stranger, but I’m proud of what you’re doing! Best wishes…


  6. Thanks so much Caybee and that’s awesome that you have been able to use some of the information in the blog for a class you are teaching- if I can be of any help please holler!

    C xx

  7. Definitely try to keep perspective on your changing body, because from those photos, it’s obvious that there’s a huge difference! Just found this blog through PastaQueen, and I LOVE your concept! Will definitely keep following! (And maybe make some pumpkin soup this weekend…)

    • Hey make the pumpkin soup- it is so delish….!!

      Thanks for reading and YES PastaQueen is such a great blog…I have her book on my Christmas wish list.

      Anyone who manages to lose that amount of weight gets my vote- someone/something to aspire too!

      Thanks for reading the blog and leaving a message!

      C xx

  8. Wow! What a difference! I’m blogging about my own journey to lose (over) 100lbs and have shifted more than 3 stone so far in 12 weeks. I’m exercising like a deranged woman and the difference in my body (even with 104lbs still to go!) is very significant.

    We can do it! :o)

  9. Hey that’s a really good weight loss Patsy! I will check out your blog as I find reading about other peoples journey VERY motivating!!!

    C xx

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