Feeling alive again- some random thoughts!

About 10 days ago I began to wake up from a LONG sleep…

I can’t really explain it- I suspect it has something to do with the weight loss and the lack of dubious chemicals I am now consuming BUT I also think something has changed inside me, the spark is coming back that I once lost a very long time ago. I was never sure where that went and why but it is returning and that is exciting!

And now the spark has ignited again it pushes me to enjoy life..and the last 10 days have been filled with more sociable pleasures including short walks (can’t manage the long ones yet), an exercise class at Heat Studios, supper with friends at Lunenburg Yacht Club, joining the planning committee for 350.org (for Bridgewater), a short visit to the Lunenburg Waterfront & Seafood Festival where my son Josh did his first video student report for the newspaper website southshorenow.ca, Fisheries Museum with my daughter Em and finally a super evening with friends on a yacht..

And today is family time, and cooking time, and cleaning time, and homework time, and silly time and experiment on the kids time ( the mock banana is nearly ready to serve).

I am happy…

C xx

2 thoughts on “Feeling alive again- some random thoughts!

  1. Just wanted to stop in and say “thanks” for this blog. (We had the whole-wheat pancakes as part of breakfast today — not a crumb left [and I have a table of picky eaters].)

    I, too, have been coming out of a long slumber. Down 25 lb from my peak now — my energy is back, and my mind has cleared. Like you, I took the prescription drugs and just cut myself off them. So far everything is holding firm without: blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, and I’m not depressed any more! Hurrah!

    I may never lose another pound, kilo or stone, but I feel much better now. Yes, I’d like that mound of beer belly (odd, since I am not a beer drinker, but that’s what it looks like) to shrink away, and I can imagine how much you’d enjoy yourself as you visibly shrink, too. But along this journey I’m also finding myself accepting myself more as I am. I’ll keep exercising, walking, eating better … and take what I get (if anything), because I’m already getting the right stuff: health, well-being and self-respect. Smaller clothing sizes are gravy.

    So, stay with it, and keep blogging!

  2. Hi Bruce and thanks so much for leaving a message on my blog!..it was great to read it and see someone pretty much feeling how I am feeling at the moment which is pretty happy!

    So your blood pressure has come down? Mine too! I wasn’t taking medication but blood pressure was fairly high before I started this at the beginning of August ( 185/105 ) so I will be interested to have a reading done again soon and see what has happened..

    Glad the pancakes worked out for you…they taste just as nice with wholewheat flour don’t they!

    Good luck with your journey too!

    C xx

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