Can I be completely honest with you..?

You may have noticed that for a weight-loss blog (with a culinary bent) that I haven’t spoken a great deal about losing weight…

If I am completely honest with you the reason why, is that for the last 12 years I have FAILED time after time to bring my weight down out of the morbidly obese or regular obese category (yep-I’d love to be regular obese again!) despite my best intentions…… makes me feel like a bit of a flake.

When I think of all the people who have health issues that are unable to do anything about them, here I am, large as life, being super flakey and failing to do something about a problem that can be resolved!

Despite what life throws at us I do believe myself to be a very lucky woman, I have three beautiful and complex children and have friends of all ages & genders that radiate warmth and compassion.

Life is good..

Thank you

10 thoughts on “Can I be completely honest with you..?

  1. Oh Carolyn don’t beat yourself up! I just saw your carrot curry clip and I think you look great! Don’t use the word “failure” as negative feelings make you stick your head in the fridge. I spent years thinking, when I’m thin everything will be better, but the truth is you’re the same person, only smaller. So carry on what you’re doing, thinking in terms of having a healthy lifestyle, and keep enjoying yourself!

    Pascale xxx

    • Thanks for your kind words xx

      I am thinking that you can only have so many failures before you succeed at something and I truly believe that time has come.

      Ya just have to keep on going and never give up!

      C xx

    • I bet I haven’t as I don’t have high speed at home! I officially can’t wait until my lunch break at work today so I can take a look at this and see what it’s all about!


  2. Pat- you are WAY too kind!!!

    Juliette- I tried to download the video but it won’t let me from a Canadian IP address weirdly!!! I will have a try at lunch time again tomorrow

    Can you tell me what it was about?

    C xx

  3. C

    You are not a failure. You photographs over the years have changed dramatically and whilst you may have/still be obese you have lost weight, slowly as you should. Everyone reaches a plato and you have just reached yours. Persevere and you will get through this stage and the weight will start falling off again. Just be realistic with your weight loss. You are never going to be waif like wearing an English size 10 or 8 but an 16/18 is realistic and, most importantly, HEALTHY!

  4. Thanks and yes my goal would be to be a nice bouncy size 18…. I prefer the womanly figure (hehe)

    Thanks for your encouragement!!!

    C xx

  5. Carolyn
    the video is an episode from a series called the week we went to war. I thought it would be of interest as it features a lad who tries to live on rations for a while. If you access you should find info on accessing bbc iplayer. Good luck!


  6. Thanks Juliette- that sounds really interesting and I’d love to watch that. I’ll try again in my lunch break today!

    C xx

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