Week 5 weigh in- no loss-no gain

I was willing the scales to settle at 295 lbs this morning (so I will have lost 20lbs) but the only way I could get them to do this was to lean my weight to the left and that is definatley CHEATING! (grin)..

A little disappointed of course BUT  the last thing I will be doing is cutting my rations down- this experiment was to live on authentic wartime rations, not count calories and see how living like this improved my health. I do believe however that I eat very large portions of potatoes and bread daily so less generous servings of those this week and some exercise should see a pleasing result next Wednesday..

On a good note my clothes are feeling looser – I LOVE that feeling! 

C xx

2 thoughts on “Week 5 weigh in- no loss-no gain

  1. Don’t feel bad. Slow weight loss is much healthier for you. Experts say 1 – 2 pounds per week is healthy.

    Besides, you are changing your lifestyle and getting healthy. That is the important thing!!

  2. Thanks Mimi and I am very determined to make this succeed and even went to a torture chamber (exercise class) after work. Actually the torture chamber is a local fitness studio which is really EXCELLENT!

    Thanks for your encouragement

    C xx

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