Why the weekend makes me happy..

calmThis weekend is a long weekend as Monday is labour day here in Canada.

I now have 3 glorious days planned doing all sorts of things (except mowing the lawn which hasn’t been cut once this summer- I just can’t face spending two days doing this when I have other things to catch up on!) and my list goes like this

Clean kitchen, clean upstairs generally, do grocery list, clean window in sitting room (as can no longer see the view), once house is hygienic (in parts) again proceed to visit local store to buy groceries and finally avoid any thoughts of doing the lawn.. 

And once that is all over and done with WE COOK!

The most exciting thing I came across this week was ‘banana essence’… apparently during the war kids went bananas over mock banana sandwiches. This is one thing I will be trying out this weekend and I intend to test it out on my children (the one thing I will forget to tell them is that the banana sandwich will infact be made from mushy parsnips).. will they be able to tell the difference? My video camera is poised and ready for action…

one thing I will forget to tell them is that the banana sandwich will infact be made from mushy parsnips…

Talking about video cameras, my eldest daughter decided it would be fun to catch me on camera cooking my curried carrots last week and insisted on filming the moment when I took my first proper mouthful. I will upload the video later to share the daily strangeness in our household.

Other culinary delights (grin) will be a different recipe for eggless sponge (shared with me by Cynthia on facebook) and making a batch of carrot jam…I have my jars poised and I believe my kids thought it would be absolutely hilarious to film Mom again and fall about laughing watching it afterwards… I am glad they find me so amusing.

I don’t think they will be laughing so much when they taste my mock banana sandwiches..

Mom 1 kids 0

C xx

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