A piece of cherry pie…

It’s time for bed..

What does someone in the 1940’s have before bedtime? Well in this house I have warm milky coffee or Ovaltine if its cold or a glass of cold milk if it’s hot.

Tonight I also have had the NIBBLIES (definition: strange urge to eat the entire contents of the kitchen cupboards including the stale cookies languishing towards the rear)..

Sooo earlier I opened the fridge to see what I could have to nibble on and there was the cherry pie I had bought for the children (cos I certainly wasn’t going to cook one if I couldn’t eat it!). There was just one slice cut from it and it beckoned to me..

I removed the container from the fridge. It was as if I was a Stepford Wife and someone was working my controls…

My brain was shouting NO don’t eat the cherry pie- it-hasn’t-been-cooked-from-scratch-and-it-has-used-white-flour-instead-of-wholewheat-in-the-pastry…

I took a knife…

I opened the container

I cut a slice


Put it back in it’s packaging and bunged it in the fridge.

I had obviously snapped out of it JUST in time.

Carolynstill 100% 1940’s authentic (apart from using Becel instead of those trans fats margarines)


2 thoughts on “A piece of cherry pie…

  1. Phewwww! Good for you Carolyn! I know exactly what you are talking about here. It’s like something has taken you over. I don’t know if I could have resisted.

  2. Hehe- it is a very strange experience isn’t it!!! I did return to the cherry pie just a few minutes ago but that was to place a small slice on my daughters lunch plate….

    I think I am going to slice it up and freeze it- much safer that way!

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