Salad Dressing for immediate use


So, so very hot yesterday- especially my house which seems to enjoy sitting at 85 F most of the day if the sun comes out (great in winter, lousy in summer)..

Looking through my 1940’s cook books I just couldn’t bring myself to slave in the kitchen over a cooked meal so a big plate of salad leaves, cucumber and tomato was called for. But what to drizzle over it? In one of my books there was a recipe for a quick salad dressing and luckily I had all the ingredients to hand. Well the taste was interesting…wasn’t exactly horrible but wasn’t exactly nice either. However, it did the trick..

wasn’t exactly horrible but wasn’t exactly nice either..

Salad Dressing for immediate use

  • Blend 1 level tablespoon of household milk powder with 1 level tablespoon of dried egg powder (just don’t sniff the dried egg or you’ll never use it again..), 1/2 teaspoon salt, a little pepper and dried mustard powder
  • Add 1 tablespoon of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar and mix until smooth and beat well until thickens a little
  • Place in fridge until chilled and then use

PS Weight loss photosinitial photo now uploaded. Keeping the really gruesome ones back until I have lost some more!!!

4 thoughts on “Salad Dressing for immediate use

  1. My Mum makes a salad dressing very much like this, but with liquid milk and no egg powder. She keeps the colmans mustard jars and makes it in the jars, using the last of the mustard in the jar, she then shakes the dressing in the jar to remove the last of the mustard stuck around the jar!

    So half tsp mustard added to jar, pinch salt, pinch pepper, half fill jar with milk, add a dash of vinegar. Shake.

    I used to love marmite sandwiches, dipped in the salad cream!

  2. I made this, but had no mustard ( how the heck did THAT happen?!?) so I substituted a large pinch of Herbs de Provence. It was pretty decent, if I do say so myself ; )
    Does any one know if salad or olive oil was available in Britain in WW2? Was it on points?

  3. I just gave this a shot. I added a teaspoon of sugar to balance out the sour tang, once I did that it was quite edible! I was pleasantly surprised.

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