Wartime Dripping is Yummy


So OK I hear you saying…..gross!!!!


But I can tell you something, after a few weeks on rations, when you realize just how little fat is in your diet from cheese & butter (rationed) and of course no longer able to consume potato chips or high fat snacks, dripping soon becomes a tasty and desirable addition to your diet..


A little dripping mixed in with those boiled veggies or a blob smeared and melted into your baked potato livens up those blander dinners at the end of the week when rations are running low.


How to collect dripping

  • Bacon dripping is the best
  • Fry bacon in pan until slightly crisp
  • Remove bacon
  • Pour left over fat into heatproof bowl (strain if you wish)
  • Place somewhere cool like in your fridge where it will harden
  • Use like butter for cooking or smearing on hot foods

I know it doesn’t seem possible that you can have dripping in your diet and lose weight but it’s true!

C xx