4 birthday cakes and a christmas one!

So it was with extreme trepidation I finally jumped on the weighing scales today to see what damage 2 weeks of non- 1940s eating/drinking over Christmas, New Year, 1st anniversary of marriage separation and 44th birthday had done to me.

It was no surprise to find that exactly 14 lbs had added itself to the scales and this morning I officially weighed in, naked and scarey, at 293 lbs ( 20 st 9 lbs ) – am of course trying to convince myself that exactly 65% of the weight gain is water which will be miraculously peed out overnight once my return to copious amounts of steamed broccoli and a choccy-and-wine-free-diet finally kicks in…. we’ll see.

I officially weighed in, naked and scarey, at 293 lbs = 14 lbs on

What I do know is I am SO GLAD to be returning to eating 100% 1940’s. Consuming even a partially modern diet again as I have done over the last 14 days, after the initial euphoria of being able to shove anything down my neck I so desired (and drink wine!) has made me feel quite tired and sluggish and unhappy.

The upside to setting things aside for a couple of weeks was that I could enjoy birthday cake without any guilt whatsover!

Cake 1: Thanks to my Trivia Night at the pub friends, it all started on Wednesday, actually at the pub, two days before my birthday. My friends Rene, Vic, Sandy, Margaret & Dave sang Happy Birthday and shared some lovely birthday gifts followed by a delicious almond liquor cake hand-baked by Margaret. We all had some cake, served with fresh cream and pralines and the rest I brought home to share with the hobbits and I STILL managed to enjoy a slice for breakfast- how bad is that!

Cake 2: The hobbits had been dropping not very subtle hints that instead of me baking my own birthday cake to enjoy after work on Friday I should call by M & M Meat Shops and purchase a Too-Tall Strawberry Shortcake Cake. It had been a tiring week and feeling exhausted, picking up my birthday cake on the way home sounded like a good idea. So that’s exactly what I did. Arriving home with a big pizza for everyone and my birthday cake I flopped down in a chair while the kids recycled the candles from Cake 1, lit them and sang me Happy Birthday. Em (my youngest hobbit) made me an origami crown with a chin strap made from yarn that I HAD to wear (see photo) or my life would not be worth living.. I obliged.

Cake 3: The day after my birthday was a busy one with a couple of meetings in and beyond town. During the meeting at my friend Garnette’s house, a wonderful banana cake emerged, complete with one of those fun candles that plays Happy Birthday. Yum- couldn’t believe my luck, 3 cakes in 3 days!

Cake 4: And on the same day, straight after my second meeting, I drove to my friend Liana’s house where more work colleagues were gathering for a snow shoeing afternoon. I arrived in time to join in a wonderful buffet and then Liana brought out a yummy birthday cake slathered with chocolate cool whip which was totally delicious.

And finally, just to round the cake eating fest off, yesterday, I decided that it was time to eat Christmas cake…

4 birthdays and a christmas cake later I may be 14 lb heavier but I did have one-hell-of-a-birthday…

Thank you my friends..

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