Haricot Bean Croquettes – Recipe No 121


Here is another wartime recipe that tastes pretty good but for some reason, when I make it, looks like dog poo on my plate. I do apologize!

There wasn’t much meat around during the war for civilians, it was rationed and the meat that wasn’t, could sometimes be hard to get hold of or expensive using the points system. The Ministry of Food made sure to promote recipes that used beans and pulses and oatmeal which all contain high levels of protein and did indeed ‘Keep Britain Healthy’.

Haricot Bean Croquettes

  • 1 cup mashed up cooked haricot beans (or similar)
  • Ground sage and/or thyme
  • ┬Żoz margarine/fat
  • Milk and oatmeal
  • Celery salt

Soak haricot beans in cold water several hours and cook until they will mash easily. Drain and mash thoroughly. Heat fat in a pan, add beans, season with celery salt and a little powdered sage and thyme if liked. Shape mixture like small sausages, dip in milk (or beaten egg if available) and oatmeal. Put in well greased baking tin and bake in quick oven, or fry in fat until golden brown.

From the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Good fare’ wartime recipe book