The eating out challenge..

I knew it was going to be difficult .. living for a year on wartime rations.

Because I am committed to trying to do this as close to 100% authentically as possible, when I go out to friends houses, parties, the pub, or any social function, inevitably there are real challenges when faced with modern menu’s and cuisine. I no longer can choose just anything from the menu and it takes quite a bit of willpower NOT to do so..

This past week has once again been socially busy (lucky me!)… lunching at the Grand Banker, dinner at the Yacht Club, lunchtime buffet with family visitors at home and meetings and all of them involve FOOD. I have a mental list of what I KNOW is 100% OK to have and I have several ‘occasionally available’ items but finding these things on a modern day menu without some modern bastardization can be real difficult! I love just plain baked potato and I know I am safe with that but even that can be hard to find on a menu without some ‘improvements’ done to it!

BUT there has been one saving grace- good old fish and chips. This was available in the 1940’s so twice this week I have enjoyed this- once with chips and the other time with salad. Unfortunately the meeting I attended was accompanied by dip and modern crackers so I had to sit there being anti-social while everyone else feasted but the buffet at home contained many items I could enjoy (as I had been the one to put it together) however greed overcame me and I managed to eat all my bacon and cheese ration in just one day..

This week I am left with 1/2 lb mince beef, a tin of spam, and an egg..

That’s not so bad..

PS It’s Sunday- can’t wait to get cooking and share some more recipes!